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  1. That nasty cell came through Dover right when I was about to leave work. I'd guess we got 45-55 mph wind gusts at peak.
  2. Today was a spectacular day to go outside. Felt amazing comparing to a typical July day in North Carolina.
  3. I was in Norman this past May and was able to stop by SPC office. Their chief of forecasting operations told me that SPC is undergoing a large shift in how they forecast their outlooks and assign hazard probabilities because their forecasts are becoming much more visible to the public. They're also getting better at forecasting severe events and are becoming more aggressive with their forecasts since we now have the technology to narrow down the threat area to ensure the probability would verify. That's why we're seeing more high risk days in the south.
  4. Haha, it'll be hard to miss weeks with the dew point above 70° F Thanks! Thanks! Looking forward to experience my first northern winter.
  5. Well, look like I'll be posting in this regional forum more often now that I've moved to New Hampshire from North Carolina. It'll be a big adjustment weather-wise, but I'm glad to get away from southern heat
  6. It's been two months since graduating from UNCA and moving to New England, but I'm already missing Blue Ridge Mountains.
  7. Fat flakes are falling at UNCA. A nice coating on the grass right now. I think we'll make a run for 1-2" before dawn.
  8. Yep. We just launched a balloon from UNCA and it's below freezing the whole column after few thousand feet. Once surface temps drop as the atmosphere start becoming saturated, we should be good right when heavier stuff get here.
  9. Yeah, that was a solid hit for Asheville and SW mountains.
  10. 00z 4km NAM wasn't that great for downtown Asheville, unfortunately. Heaviest stuff went south of us.
  11. Midterms are this week so I haven't look at forums much this week, but unlike January storm that screwed me in RDU area, I'll be in Asheville for this one. Mother Nature own me one I do have to say things are looking promising, especially Euro ensembles. NAM and GFS both came in decent, but we'll have to see. Things really improved for Asheville as we got closer to the main event back in January so I'm hoping for repeat of that.
  12. 31/22/25 Can we move on from this city already?
  13. 66/34/9 Gambling on the mixing, especially after NWS bumped it up to 66. I do have to say JAN is one of more aggressive WFOs I've seen in the competition so far.
  14. Seattle was my worst city since my first semester of the competition. 100% dropping this one. Jackson should be an interesting one with convective activity right at 6z.