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  1. That's what I thought too. Probably too warm right on the coastline, but we'll see...
  2. Ahh yes... found myself looking at wintry weather of the Northeast again. I'm supposed to have a layover at Logan Airport in Boston this Sunday (from Las Vegas) so I'm definitely nervous about the icy weather.
  3. Our best snow chances tend to happen with deep cold air mass ahead of it. I don't like the cold-chasing moisture events like models are hinting... they don't pan out often.
  4. Seems like a good high-elevation snow producer on models so far... we'll see.
  5. I'm not buying frozen precip threat until we get some more credibility from ensembles. It'd be a major climatology-buster outside mountains, otherwise...
  6. Living close to family and friends again will always be worth it over weather seasons. Can't take away incredible memories of last two winters, though
  7. After witnessing over 160 inches of snow last two winters, adjusting back to North Carolina winters will be very difficult. Not thrilled about living in area with 6"/year snowfall average rather than 60"/year. I'll miss having snow depth of over 6" for three months straight.
  8. Yep, NAM captured my attention earlier this evening. Will be a rough couple days across Dixie Alley.
  9. Southeastern New Hampshire near Dover. There was a stretch when I saw 43 inches of snow in 5 days. So... much... snow... Thank you! Hopefully I'll be helpful providing my insights to this sub-forum! Thank you!
  10. Thanks! Definitely will have to keep an eye on here next winter!
  11. Exactly! It's time to return and spend more of my youth with my family and friends. Thank you!
  12. Thanks! I hardly recognize the whole Clayton area these days after being away for almost 6 years. So much growth!
  13. Things are okay Just need to shake my life up a bit more while I'm still young. I'll definitely try to come back often... y'all have a gorgeous region!
  14. Last time I was part of this sub-forum, I was just a college student. Now I'm moving back to North Carolina with red tag under my username and experience of two of most insane winters in my life. Gonna miss these crazy northern winters, but I'm happy to have warm weather again! A day in 70 F was nice to return to.
  15. Hey y'all! Unfortunately, my time in New England has come to a sudden end. Something came up that brought me back to North Carolina and I decided to move all of my stuff back ASAP. With that said, I'll definitely miss tracking wild winter storms with y'all on here. My first winter here, 2017-18, will always be a legendary with 106" of seasonal white stuff, 43" of snow in 5 days during March 2018, and witnessing foot plus depth for the first time ever... never mind a two feet depth I experienced during March 2018. I don't think I'll ever see anything like that again. Thanks for fun memories, y'all