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  1. I'm over the rain and the humidity tbh.
  2. WxBlue

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    It was fun for few minutes, but nothing too special. Always nice to have a cool off.
  3. Mosquitos weren't too terrible because of the heat, but flies (especially deer and horse) were very noticeable and awful. We were in mostly upper 80s the whole time (just a guess here... had no service).
  4. Or moose. Managed to see a female one while riding with someone on a logging road. Definitely a fun network of trails to ride an ATV on!
  5. By several people Seriously a fun couple days in the wilderness, though!
  6. Just got back from camping near Jackman, Maine. Wow, y'all weren't kidding about bugs up there.
  7. It's mostly meh to me just because of where I'm from. I'm used to this stuff while folks on here aren't. From what I can see, it's quite a big deal around here whenever 850T get that warm with west downslope winds. I will acknowledge that incoming humidity is no joke. Oof.
  8. I'm actually feeling a bit underwhelmed by the upcoming heat wave. It's hot, no doubt, but not exactly a memorable one. Also... LOL at NWS using "Hot" icon at 90.
  9. Oh boy. Locals kept hyping about black flies but they haven't been bad on my recent hikes so far.
  10. 106 degrees at DAW during this wave. Book it. Thankfully, I'm retreating to Moosehead Lake for holiday camping
  11. 105 degrees with heat index close to 120 in Raleigh. Hottest day I ever experienced.
  12. Only 89 peak at DAW. *yawn*
  13. I actually don't mind couple days in 90s. Warm these lakes up!
  14. 88 to 92 is a "heat wave" around here? Oh I'm gonna love this summer weather up here