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  1. Latest aircraft recon pass has unflagged surface wind of 152 knots and estimated pressure of 909 mb. Will need dropsonde to confirm the data, but Maria might've broken into top 10 most intense Atlantic hurricanes on record pressure-wise.
  2. We'll see what Euro ensemble has to say...
  3. Per Rick Knabb on Twitter, 2017 is the second hurricane season on record to produce at least two Category 5 landfalls with 2007 having two (Dean and Felix). However, at least four more locations already took a direct hit from Category 5: British Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Barbuda, and Cuba. Add Dominica to the list after tonight. Just unreal what we're seeing in the Caribbean last few weeks.
  4. My relatives took a direct hit from Hugo's eye north of Charleston, SC. It was an awful night for them and they do not wish to relive that ever again.
  5. NOAA has an excellent website of historic hurricane tracks that you can narrow down based on the land area and the intensity. https://coast.noaa.gov/hurricanes/ For 65 nautical miles radius from San Juan, Puerto Rico has been hit by Category 4+ directly in 1899, 1928, and 1932. The storm in 1928 landfalled as a Category 5. Hurricane Hugo (1989) was the strongest to hit during satellite era, landfalling as a high-end Category 3.
  6. It's worth noting that Florida State's Cyclone Phase page kept Jose barely symmetric and warm-cored the whole time using GFS and HWRF, but I'm having some doubts since Jose already lost the symmetric feature. Should be fun watching that cold front move into the area and interacting with Jose.
  7. I am. Thanks for the heads up and I'll reach out to him!
  8. Comments like these are making this snow weenie feel awesome about the location I've noticed CAD effect can be strong around here with several sub-60s days back in July and August. Very NC Piedmont-like during cooler months that can give them epic snow totals once or twice a decade. Thanks for the welcome! Weird for me to associate Wilmington as a snowy location comparing to good ol' ILM back in North Carolina.
  9. I am too. I was driving around Dover a little and colors are already popping. I came from a great foliage area of western North Carolina and even I'm blown away by how intense colors are this year. So weird to see foliage happening in mid-September rather than mid October to early November...
  10. Yep! I spent the past four years in Asheville getting my meteorology degree and the previous four years in Raleigh. December 2010 and January 2016 were only decent storms I saw in the south and they topped out at 10". Honestly, at the very worst, this winter will be better than any winter I went through in my entire life. I'm so ready to the awesomeness of seeing snow very often and not having to obsess over having that "perfect" set-up to even see more than 6" (you'll see what I mean by peaking at SE forum during wintertime). It will be interesting lurking this forum (mostly) to learn about the climatology of New England and learning a new set of meteorology set-ups. In my college synoptic course, my professor would talk about New England coastline specifically in his cyclogenesis examples because it's a favorable area for fun cold season events. Funny how I ended up finding my first job there after countless hours spent figuring out Q-vectors over MA/NH/ME coastline, eh? Until they realize they actually have to clear it. Thankfully, my landlord agreed to take the responsibility of removing snow! I'll let you know how I feel when this winter is over
  11. Still remarkable how I'm jumping from 5-10" average in the south to 60-70" just by moving this past summer. No more going "all in" on that one promising Miller A per winter and having my heart ripped out when it doesn't produce.
  12. Unfortunately, I'll have to agree. Numbers aren't great.
  13. Yeah, we'll have to see. Will be looking at numbers closely this evening.
  14. Went up the road from Dover and was able to get two bright green bands on my long exposure pictures. It was around for about 5 minutes before fading away.
  15. I can guarantee you there are people applying for the director position on USA Jobs, but wheels move very slowly at NWS/NOAA like any other government agencies and NWS already have troubles filling vacancies. They want to make sure they're hiring the right person through a rigorous process. It is what it is...