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  1. NRVwxfan.

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Just saw the track of PTC 9. Bad news for those hoping for rain and an end to the record heat.
  2. Been hot here too. 91 yesterday and 89 today. I've been seeing the leaves changing here too.
  3. NRVwxfan.

    Sept 2019 Observations

    How on Earth is Columbia cooler than Charlotte and the same as GSP?
  4. NRVwxfan.

    Sept 2019 Observations

    I wouldn't count on that. I've heard people say that since August. Many areas will probably see 90s into October.
  5. NRVwxfan.

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Heads up Wilmington NC. Tornado warning.
  6. NRVwxfan.

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    Wow, you people are so damn butthurt over that election. Isn't there a political thread for this bullshit?????
  7. NRVwxfan.


    Where do you plan on moving? I just moved from Columbia SC To Christiansburg VA in the mountains. I'm content on watching this storm from afar.
  8. NRVwxfan.


    Glad you're ok. Close call for sure. Still gonna be a long night in your area.
  9. NRVwxfan.


    Isn't Yotaman near New Bern?
  10. NRVwxfan.

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Is it ever gonna rain again???
  11. NRVwxfan.

    August 2019 Obs

    Pretty cold this morning here in the mid 40s. Does not feel like August and really weird tracking a hurricane while it feels like winter here.
  12. NRVwxfan.

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    The eye isn't fully closed on radar.
  13. NRVwxfan.


    I would say as of now. Everyone from Miami to Cape Hatteras should be monitoring this.