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  1. Looks like a storm just parked itself over Blythewood. Been sitting there a while.
  2. I got up to a paltry 81 here in SW VA today. Even had a few drops of rain.
  3. Per James Spann. Euro ensembles are on board with a big cooldown.
  4. Damn. Guess my cheap thermometer on the wall of the house isn't that accurate. It sure felt like 30s this morning. Gonna take some getting used to this climate zone. Nothing like Columbia SC.
  5. Good luck getting anything on the SE coast with that stupid monster death ridge that refuses to leave like an obnoxious in-law.
  6. Sounds like typical CAE weather. Hot and almost always dry. Enjoy the badly needed break from the searing heat.
  7. It's here in the New River Valley. Currently 76 after a high of 80. Nice Northeast breeze. Was a hot 88 yesterday.
  8. Just saw the track of PTC 9. Bad news for those hoping for rain and an end to the record heat.
  9. Been hot here too. 91 yesterday and 89 today. I've been seeing the leaves changing here too.
  10. How on Earth is Columbia cooler than Charlotte and the same as GSP?
  11. I wouldn't count on that. I've heard people say that since August. Many areas will probably see 90s into October.
  12. Heads up Wilmington NC. Tornado warning.
  13. Wow, you people are so damn butthurt over that election. Isn't there a political thread for this bullshit?????