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  1. CONGRATS RYAN! NBC CT Names New Chief Meteorologist
  2. There were some big branches down there too but that was the biggest. Seems to be the windiest spot on the island!
  3. I’ll take a more detailed drive around the island in a bit, but I can already see a tree down in a nearby yard, spotted this one in the road last night at the State Trooper’s office and all the roads are littered with leaves & branches. Gusting pretty good right now as well.
  4. Strongest gusts of the night by far just blew through. Shook the house, freaked the cats out. Amazingly, still have power.
  5. My COCORAHS gauge blew over. Granted, it was a temporary setup until I can get it mounted properly but it wasn’t just free-standing.
  6. According to the WXUG station, gust of 49 here. Ramping up.
  7. Wind seems to be picking up a bit here.
  8. We’ll see. I was all ramped up for Tuesday’s winds & that was a snoozer. Obviously this is a different beast but I’m a little gunshy. The FIFD pager has been noticeably silent the past two weeks. I’m wondering if we’ll make up for it tomorrow if this verifies. Hopefully no trees on houses but some calls to remove a tree or two from a road would be nice. Let me know if you need me to check on your house.
  9. Didn't even crack an inch. 0.91" Hopefully the good stuff south of LI doesn't scoot east of me.
  10. 74/68 Roosters on the rock.
  11. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  12. Caught walking the dogs past Hay Harbor. Spectacular.
  13. We only lost power because Groton did. You didn't miss anything special, other than the sound of the storm approaching. Sounded like the end of days. Run of the mill strong summer storm here.
  14. Low of 50.38 here overnight. Still felt great.