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  1. Beautiful day to sneak out of work early to squeeze in 9.
  2. The storm itself was very impressive here (more so than 10/17 IMO) but the duration of the strong winds (sustained & gusts) on the backside was incredible. Yesterday was nuts.
  3. You must be new to this whole internet thing.
  4. 1. Hurricane Bob 2. Blizzard of 2013 3. Hurricane Gloria 4. Irene/Sandy 5. FI Tornado
  5. Except when the subjects of said ignoring are quoted.
  6. Thanks. I’m extremely hard on myself & competitive. The inconsistency just kills me. That said, I had a great lesson today & I’m planning on spending a lot of time at the range tomorrow. Simple stuff to work on that will hopefully fix a lot of my issues.
  7. Just lots of meh. At least I’ll have more than 0.02” in the gauge.
  8. I hope you do better than I did on Tuesday. Went in with a positive attitude & walked off vowing to not spend another forking dime on this damn game the rest of the year (after my lesson on Saturday of course).