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  1. StormSurge

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Ha! Believe me, I realize there's a moratorium on my whining about missing all the good stuff for a few years at least.
  2. StormSurge

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    At least I'll get something.
  3. StormSurge

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Not sure if that’s better than last night’s 0-1” or not. :) I’ll be happy to see some flakes.
  4. StormSurge

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    We give out so much more candy on this tiny island than we did at any of our homes in CT.
  5. StormSurge

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    EF1! (BTW, when the final review is published, can someone share that with me?)
  6. StormSurge

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    I was too. Not sure. I think he was making the run from Noank to West Harbor, so I think you’re correct.
  7. StormSurge

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Thanks Ryan! It’s still incomprehensible. Looking forward to having you over!
  8. StormSurge

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Sorry, it’s been crazy! Steve shared the drive that has all my photos (thanks!) so check that out. (Apologies in advance for any errors. On the ferry now). We got a fire alarm call at 7:43 am for an alarm activation on Isabella Beach Rd. While waiting for another firefighter to get to the firehouse to respond, we received another call four minutes later for another alarm on Clay Point Rd. On the way to the first call, the gate house attendant (the east end of the island is private) told us a resident called to say a tornado hit her house & trees were everywhere. That resident lives next to where we were headed . We arrived at the first call just as it was being called off as a false alarm. We were going to continue down Isabella Beach Rd to the second call but the road was impassable. We turned around & headed back to the main road and soon we found that road impassable as well. (@Hoth, just pass 4 Corners, right before the water works.) That was a false alarm too, so after returning the fire truck, I headed back out to take photos. I started at the house where the caller lives & worked my way down Isabella Beach Rd. on foot All of the trees there had fallen in the same direction. I assumed straight line winds at that point. There were many trees down along that route, all falling in the same direction (SW to NE). As I approached the 4 Corners area, I noticed that the tops of the trees were showing damage, along with twisting. Tops of utility poles were ripped & eventually I came across the most dramatic damage. There’s a home on the north side of the driving range that had a stand of trees obliterated, giving the home owner a new water view. (@hoth, the Arnold’s I believe). Just past that home is where the photos of the shed were taken. The shed was completely blown off the foundation & into a sailboat being stored, which was also severely damaged. The tornado exited the island just to the NE of this location. (@hoth, the Bogerts) During my travels, I heard of the damage to the round house at Wilderness Pt. All of the windows were blown out on the south, west & north sides. This is where the water spout came ashore. Let me know if anyone has any specific questions regarding any of the photos or anything else. I’m heading to Albany for the night and Mrs. SS is driving.
  9. StormSurge

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Just dark here. Hopefully we get some drops survive the trip over the sound.
  10. Not far. Just west of it.
  11. I bought a 55” TCL & it’s been amazing. Good choice b
  12. Pretty cool rain shaft over North Dumpling.
  13. Finally a downpour!!
  14. 0.07” yesterday & 0.70” since Thursday. Perpetually a “have not”.
  15. Only managed 0.62” yesterday.