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  1. You’re not kidding. The breeze is wonderful. Hoping for a soaker this weekend.
  2. Guess which side of these trees face south?
  3. I spoke too soon. Pretty wild couple of hours from 4 to 6. Power is back, ready for the next one.
  4. I guess I was too far east to get in the goods. Major nothingburger here.
  5. Enjoying the clouds & 67 today before the yuck arrives tomorrow.
  6. 0.82” (so far). Looks like a little more soon.
  7. It’s in the running for toughest hole on the island! Going left is no fun off the tee either when the fescue is full. It’s in great shape. Dave D. is a wizard!
  8. Squeezed 9 in with the fog. I didn’t lose a ball! Small victories.
  9. Beautiful day to sneak out of work early to squeeze in 9.
  10. The storm itself was very impressive here (more so than 10/17 IMO) but the duration of the strong winds (sustained & gusts) on the backside was incredible. Yesterday was nuts.
  11. You must be new to this whole internet thing.
  12. 1. Hurricane Bob 2. Blizzard of 2013 3. Hurricane Gloria 4. Irene/Sandy 5. FI Tornado
  13. Except when the subjects of said ignoring are quoted.
  14. Thanks. I’m extremely hard on myself & competitive. The inconsistency just kills me. That said, I had a great lesson today & I’m planning on spending a lot of time at the range tomorrow. Simple stuff to work on that will hopefully fix a lot of my issues.