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March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs


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2 minutes ago, Thanatos_I_Am said:

Well, I am a few miles northwest of you. Could be the difference right now. Sleet mixing for sure, but plenty of flakes flying. 

Probably true.  Looking at radar you're under some heavier rates than me, could be the answer.

1 minute ago, supernovasky said:

Yeah I just stepped out and I'm getting heavy rates but no sleet that I can tell.

Rates are heavier your way so could explain it.

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Just now, BaltimoreWxGuy said:

Just like that its Sleet/snow mix in Essex...probably 80% sleet 20 snow....I hope this can flip back..too early for the sleet up here man

I saw it coming for you guys in eastern Baltimore county. If you follow the cc the mixing line has been racing due north up the east side of 95. 

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Temp is down to 27.8F here in Clarksburg.  All snow still.  I'm at 1.7" so far.  So, I've accumulated the same snow in the last few hours that I had over the last 3.5 months of winter.

I'll stay up for another 15 minutes to see if that incoming band just to the south flips me to IP.

All snow to your south my man. Coming down pretty good. Just went for a little Jebwalk. Beautiful out!

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2 minutes ago, psuhoffman said:

I'm at 25 here in top of dug hill ridge.  If we can stay all or 90% snow we might get some big totals up here. The qpf being thrown out right now is epic. 

I'm really worried were going to flip or at least mix a good deal and lose a good 2-4 hours what would be 1-2 inch rates.

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