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March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs


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1 minute ago, Bob Chill said:

I'm flirting with 26 degrees right now. No model had me that cold at any point overnight. Still not the same of course but it's pretty damn cold all things considered. 

As was mentioned a few days back, surface temps almost always end up colder than modeled in these situations

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Just now, supernovasky said:


We have a long way to go. Put it this way, if we get the liquid we are expecting in the form of sleet, even then this will be a storm to remember.

It would be really interesting.  

HRRR seems really bullish on the liquid. Has there ever been a storm even close to the 2"+ that's supposed to fall in sleet? 

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Moderate to heavy sleet right now - no ZR. I'd estimate that since the sleet began, it smashed the snowpack down and it has accumulated half an inch deep.

Someone stated that if we sleet with this monster storm, we might as well do it BIG. Well, we might get sleet measured in the multiple INCHES.

Just consider all the moisture that Atlantic Behemoth is throwing at North Carolina right now!

Streets are getting covered in the sleet, it is piling up and the sleet pack is also freezing some due to the recent ZR.


RAP give me 2.5 inches of qpf - anyone care to calculate how much sleet that is? We just might have to arrange a sleet football game right here in Glendale in Dale City. We aint gonna be playing touch tag, its gonna be full contact tackling.

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7 minutes ago, mdhokie said:

Interesting sleet in Owings Mills but not Germantown. Something about the bay water? Seems like the sleet line raced up central maryland just west of the bay (AA,Hoco, Balt)

I'm in OM as well and I'm still seeing snow. Per the CC radar, the changeover likely will be happening shortly. 

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