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  1. Yep... back to mainly snow (big flakes too) here in SE DC with these new returns. Yellows are still off to the west.
  2. Now sleet with a few flakes still mixed in. Enjoyed the storm... a few hours of wintry mix to go.
  3. Big flakes have returned in SE DC but no major sleet yet... 2.9"
  4. 2.8 as of 10am (Fairlawn 20020 SE DC) Nice rates again over past 5 minutes... fatter flakes too.
  5. Large flakes with nice rates atm... looks beautiful out. Roads/sidewalks caved a while ago. Piling up somewhat quick.
  6. 1.1" here (Fairlawn - SE DC 20020) as of 7:40am. SN, 29/29
  7. Lost the side roads with this latest band of heavier snow across SE DC... coming down nicely. 0.6 - 29/29
  8. Snowing and sticking... except on roads. Didn't take long for the temp to fall below freezing... now down to 31/25. (SE DC)
  9. 34/20 in SE DC (20020). According to radar, snow should start within the next 30 minutes. Waiting.
  10. BWI : 2.1” DCA : 2.8” IAD : 4.2” RIC : 3.8” Tiebreaker : 1.33”
  11. Agreed. What was noticeable is it starts earlier (between 3am/4am now) and still goes till about 11am before switch over. It also gets DC into better rates a little earlier than the 0z run. Like someone else said, improvement from 0z but not as good as 06z. It'll come down to banding features which global models just won't pick up on.
  12. ? - does the Euro tend to still run a bit dry compared to other models? Or was that fixed in the latest update. Thanks. From what I’ve seen, nothing really has changed. The NAM is jumping a bit but all the models are in terms of where the best banding of snow will set up. North of DC is always the best bet but DC is still likely to get a solid storm... 2-5 inches and some sleet/freezing rain seems like a good forecast right now. But still 48 hours away... things can still shift for the good or the bad.