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  1. Sounds about white. I also can't see anything previously posted without highlighting it.
  2. Interesting you say Matthew. I was in Chesapeake during that event. Hampton Roads was very hard hit by just a few hours of unexpected flash flooding. 11b Hurricane Matthew Overview (2).pdf
  3. As far as long the longer range on the models... does the ridge continue to weaken and send OTS, or does it drive it northward with a Carolina landfill and then impacts up into much of Virginia (not just Hampton Roads)?
  4. Welp Doug Kammerer says no more storms tonight, just rain. Guess that means the opposite will happen.
  5. The Huntington Levee (Alexandria) had its ribbon cutting on June 15 and consequently dozens of homes were saved by it this morning when Cameron Run reached 11.8 feet this morning. A 10 foot rise in an hour. Previously, 9' was when some homes began to be impacted and 11' was when "dozens of homes in Huntington are flooded. Water affects businesses near the Route 1 and Fort Hunt Drive intersection."
  6. He's our resident troll. Sorry about that. You should see his joyous posts during snowstorms.
  7. Montgomery County Sheriff said it was the "worst I've seen in my career" on FOX Dayton just now.
  8. Maybe because all of them tonight have jogged SE when they get severe?
  9. Heading into tornado alley of Fauquier County in a bit. Too bad (fortunately) it's more stable east of the Blue Ridge.
  10. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Warren, Rappahannock, Fauquier. 70 MPH, 1.5" hail. Tornado possible.
  11. You normally see that kind of damage with a tornado, right?