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  1. WWA for the Blue Ridge.
  2. 17... 22... what's it matter? Of note, I thought all the local news was calling for the 60s so maybe it's a data problem on LWX's website.
  3. Showing 62 at IAD... Forecast high is 45 on the LWX Point Forecast.
  4. Visiting friends in Kipps Bay and seems to have just surpassed an inch.
  5. 4.5-5.5" reported around Harrisonburg.
  6. SPC Discussion calls it “four star snow” I move we refer to heavy snow as such going forward. Recent observations show 4-star snow along the WV/VA border, and additional heavy snow rates are likely to develop northeastward through midday, eventually reaching the western MD Panhandle. In addition, cooling aloft may result in small elevated MUCAPE values, adding to heavy snow burst potential.
  7. Time of the day was also pretty unique and exacerbated the impact. I remember going to bed noticing the cell and flood warnings near Cumberland. By morning rush, it had intensified and hit the urban cores, but kept moving.
  8. You live in AKQ's warning area so I still consider you part of the family Eat up.