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  1. How is Baltimore looking for baseball tomorrow? Thinking of driving up from ORF for a game but nervous to spend so much $$$. Storms in the forecast but most short terms show spotty rain. Any insight?!
  2. ALEEEET ALEEEEET ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT JK Good luck my northern friends! We got our 3" here in SE VA this week and are good to go for the winter!
  3. I'll see what I can do! BTW, you're likely not getting snow tonight.
  4. I'm in Chesapeake and it's not snowing. . . .YET. I was just making fun of DT.
  5. I was in shock! I'm right off Tulls Creek Rd.
  6. Want to talk about a jinx? I just went and bought a sled!
  7. lol people actually get this upset over weather?
  8. You can thank me for the snow later!
  9. I got some grief for starting this thread but since I did, everything has turned snowier! Looks like I picked a great time for my first thread after lurking for many many years. Hoping for 4" here in Chesapeake!! You're all welcome!
  10. Looking better for me here! I've lurked since 12' and this is my first thread. I'm bringing you all the goods!
  11. I'm in Virginia Beach and we haven't had a good snow in 3 years. I'll take anything to get my littles out of the house. Good luck to all!
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