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  1. Had marble sized hail and cloud to ground lightening about 20 minutes ago though it's stopped for now, still moderate to heavy rain. Amazing how quick the temps dropped into the mid 60's.
  2. I have a feeling that when this sleet glacier melts tomorrow and refreezes tomorrow night in the mid teens it'll be nearly indestructible
  3. just took a sleet jebwalk. It's kinda beautiful in it's own way. Sort of like Baltimore
  4. on the plus side, the surface area of sleet is significantly lower per unit volume than snow i'd assume, so this should all take a hell of a long time to melt
  5. orange death band on nws radar is about to slam into Baltimore
  6. between 1030 pm and 12am the ambient light in my neighborhood essentially doubled after the roads and sidewalks caved and started reflecting the street lights. Absolutely incredible
  7. per wundermap, temperatures are already about two degrees below progged nws forecasts in Baltimore city
  8. maybe premature, but this is shaping up to be one of the best snow events in the past few years just because of the surprise factor and model disagreement. If I get over 12 inches in Baltimore city after the roller-coaster ride of the past few days, it'd lock this thing in my memory for a while.
  9. I want my 24 inches the Canadian promised me
  10. roads and sidewalks giving up near Penn Station in Baltimore
  11. Ha, Baltimore city doesn't back down when it comes to snow. Hold the line all night
  12. The one thing that's encouraging about this storm is that it comes after a period of cold air, rather than the summer temps we saw in the march 13 disaster. Just from memory it seems like we tend to do a lot better holding onto cold than vice versa. I wonder if model tendency to scour out cold temps too quickly in CAD events might be relevant here?
  13. Yep, seems like it. Do you guys look more at skew T's or things like convergence and PV when analyzing these storms? More of a large scale atmos guy myself so it's a learning curve with mesoscale stuff.
  14. Interesting how much the qpf/accumulation varies between models at this range. From what I get this is an inherent feature of Miller B's. Is there a particular tracer we should be looking at to figure out when/where this will bomb out along the coast?
  15. with all the early foliage due to the recent high temperatures, I wonder how much leaf kill that would cause?