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  1. It snowed last night. I don't think most people were expected to get anything during the day except rain.
  2. 33 and still snowing. I have about 1" on cold and grassy areas. The pavement is now giving way.
  3. 36 with flakes mixing in. I thought I wouldn't see any kind of frozen. I'l take it.
  4. Now it's back to mainly snow that quickly.
  5. Yes, I'm in Severna Park and it's a mix of sleet and big mangled flakes.
  6. 33 with sleet and some flakes mixed in.
  7. The sleet is on the doorstep, gonna enjoy this while it lasts.
  8. This is pretty sweet. Haven't seen it snow like this since Jan 2016.
  9. 34 with moderate rates, I consider this a win. With all of the pessimism I wasn't even expecting this.
  10. Down to 36 now with a nice coating on grassy areas. Big old boys coming down heavy.
  11. 30/21. Just hit the 1" mark, Severna Park. This is more than I was expecting.