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March 14/15 W & NNE weenies jumping from the Tobin Coastal Storm Discussion

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1 minute ago, weathafella said:

BD?  What I remember was  that the NAM nailed it from 84 hours in.

The NCEP models showed a huge turnaround on Christmas morning (they had been showing it going OTS), but NOAA released a statement indicating that they were dismissing it due to some model error (can't remember the details).  Then the Euro showed the same thing for it's 12z run, and people started to believe.

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Just now, Ginx snewx said:

Guess I need to learn somethings cuz Bufkit GFS yields 20.3 at BED and 18.7 at ORH, heck of a way to run a dry slot.

Except the GFS doesn't have a dry slot because it's so far east. Not sure what you're talking about? 

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32 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

You obviously have never been in western New England for any period of time for nor'easters lol.

The no worry zone is the same corridor it's been for days now.  TOL to LEW.  Feet up, light em up.

We worry. That's what we do out here lol. We have had reason to until Mother Nature can prove otherwise. Show me the money. 

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