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February 5 quick hitting obs

Typhoon Tip

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I think our driveway may be affected by wind. It's totally exposed to the east. There was almost 16" on top of our cars.

I don't know what to tell you. There's nothing inherent about a car top that would cause it to accumulate more snow. If you have it backed against your house that's probably not ideal.
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Haven't read it yet...are they saying DCA is supposed to report every 24hrs?


Not to sidetrack off the awesome paste/sunset shots(which are amazing), but here is snippet from WestminsterDeathband regarding the DCA thingy.  Basically a comedy of errors including actually "losing the snowboard" during the storm. lol


Can move to banter if needed.




IF, and someone in the know is free to correct the record if it needs to be corrected.  IF my understanding is correct, they had one snowboard, and it got buried in the snow at some point and they couldn't find it. So they had to improvise.  At 2:52 pm, 17" had fallen. I have video from 2:51 pm, and it is apocalyptic looking in downtown DC yet somehow only 0.8" fell the next 2 hours.  At 4:52 pm when it was still snowing hard, evidenced not only by the 4:52 OB, but also by the fact that 0.04" liquid was captured in the following hour (we know it is probably at least 0.06"), they measured 17.8", and quit measuring the storm.  So, just to be clear. They measured 17.8" at 4:52 PM - almost certainly a snow depth measurement - and finalized the total.  And then it snowed for another 7 hours.  Again.  If I am not getting the facts right, someone can please feel free to correct me.  I am not here to perpetuate something that isn't true or is misleading.




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5,000+ people without power at one point in my town of about 7,500.  Limb was down all day on my road. cars were going off the road all day near it.


Today was a 5 sheer pin day for my snow thrower.  Yup...5 SHEER PINS.  I sometimes go multiple seasons without breaking one, but today was the winner.  The combination of the rain, and spring like ground conditions moving the rocks around on the surface followed by the snow brought about the perfect sheer pin storm.  One rock is still wedged in there.  I will have to try and drill it out tomorrow.

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