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1/23-24/16 #1 All Time KNYC Snowfall-please add Obs, Accums, Pics


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So, after a quick nap and 4th round of shoveling, as of 1:00 pm we have 14.5" give or take an inch or so.  That would "only" be an average of an inch per hour since my last measurement of 9.5" at 8:30 am.  Having watched the radar pretty closely, we just haven't been under those 30+ dBZ bands for prolonged periods (just for spurts), so we haven't had 2" per hour snows for the most part.  Still thinking we make it to 20-22" if we can just sustain 1" per hour rates for 6-7 more hours.  Have some 3-4 foot drifts and bare spots.  


Got very frustrated with the huge variance in measurements on my property, which usually is pretty good during snowstorms, but not this one - too much wind and the snow is too dry.  So, did another shovel (#5, lol) and my son and I took a short ride to the local school, which has a huge open field for sports.  Walked out about 50 yards into it and took some measurements and they were very consistent, between 18 and 19", so I called it 18.5" as of 5:00 pm.  
Snow really picked up here since about 4 pm, as the mega band finally hit us for awhile, but we're 4-7" behind all you folks to our NW who were under the megaband for far longer.  With maybe 4-5 more hours of 1" per hour snow, should at least hit 22" here while many places in NNJ/CNJ/NY will likely hit 25-30" and maybe a little more. Central Park is at 19.3" at 4 pm, so they should easily make it into 3rd place, all-time (22") and first place is possible (26.9" in Feb 2006).  That would be amazing given that everyone was wondering if NYC would make it to 8" 2 days ago.  21.4" in Newark, 21" in Elizabeth and 20" in LGA and reports of 30" in Morris County.  NAM crushed it.
As an aside, had a good snowball fight and wrestling match (my 21 year old kid's stronger than me now, so had to be careful lol).  Rode around town (Metuchen) a bit and the main roads are passable, but often only have one main lane.  Hailey's Pub is open so I may have to take a walk downtown later for a beer.  
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This is the best snowstorm I've ever seen for the NYC metro area and I've been weather watching for 3 decades.

The storm has it all: long duration, weekend/daytime (so people can enjoy it), no mixing, no dryslot, no long breaks or periods of light snow.  Just hours and hours of moderate to heavy snow with low visibilities and wind.  This is the kind of storm where you can really enjoy it instead of anxiously looking at the radar.


I hope everyone is out there enjoying it!

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It's been amazing. Beats even Boxing Day which was a barnburner here with lots 22-32 inch totals in Union, Essex, Middlesex.


I was living in North Brunswick for boxing day, I stayed up all night for it...did not want to miss the GSP crush band once I saw it forming. But this right here, is sick. really happy for the philly to nyc weenies. 

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