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  1. I had a feeling it wasn't going to look good. The IOD doesn't look impressive for us. Nor does the NAO.
  2. I'd say that up to 74 is more likely. Even in a super warm month like October of 2007 didn't have highs near 90 in the second half of October.
  3. We really dodged a bullet. If Sub-Tropical Storm Melissa was 350 miles further west, we'd be talking about heavy rain and high winds with insane wave heights.
  4. Seriously though. The West Coast will chill out while the East will torch. The EURO says definitely to that.
  5. Yeah. The atmosphere requires constant instability for tropical activity. The dry air is also a major problem.
  6. Yeah. The next round of heat may max out in the low 90s, but nothing like a couple of weeks ago.
  7. One ran on my bare leg and then scooted off my chair.
  8. The heat is interfering with the network communications in the MTA subway systems.
  9. I remember this. I was in Hackensack, NJ at the time. My little 7-year-old mind was astounded by this event.
  10. It's becoming increasingly clear that oppressively humid summers are here to stay.