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  1. ScottB

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Euro output for Raleigh is 15-20 inches. Any solution right now that is being painted by most models have pretty extreme rainfall for the area.
  2. Looks to be some decent banding forming from Middlesex to NE NJ
  3. You should be snowing fairly decently again. Yes?
  4. Lol I posted that 3 minutes ago. Give it about 20-30 minutes. You'll be back in some moderate snow again.
  5. That area of subsidence should fill in shortly as that band tightens up further and the precip shield starts pivoting more eastward.
  6. Puking again here. Same level of intensity as it was earlier when we got 2 inches in a little over an hour. Lets see!
  7. Anyone near West Orange that can chime in with what is otg up there?
  8. Just went back to snow again. Ouch. Judging by the radar, I probably have 2-3 hours left of accumulating snow.
  9. Same. As soon as that subsidence hit we've been stuck in nothing but sleet and ice since. Haven't seen a single flake since.
  10. Not sure how we overcome this sleet and ice here - been like this for an hour and a half or so. Need that band to move.
  11. Snow lightening up here, mixed with graupel. Will be like that as this area of subsidence passes over due to that enormous band.
  12. Thundersnow here in Highland Park https://vimeo.com/259022811
  13. Absolutely puking snow here. Cars covered in 10 minutes.
  14. Once those bands hit Middlesex we should transition over.