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NNE Cold Season Thread 2022/2023


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7 minutes ago, wxeyeNH said:

The mountain have cleared out.  How much color did you lose with the fropa?  Still looks good.

Meantime, get ready....



Good stuff. Excluding the storm that produces this precipitation event, the evolution of the air masses in Canada and how they move through the larger scale flow is fairly realistic.

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25 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

Even late this afternoon.  It felt great to be cold again. Hats, glove.  Cold enough that snow lasted throughout the day.  Wind chills in the teens.  Winter.

Fun to get back up and walk around among snow and ice.  The crunch underfoot.


That’s a great shot. Yeah that first blast of cold always feels nice. 

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8 hours ago, wxeyeNH said:

Beautiful.  I'm glad you didn't cancel your trip.  I was surprised how good the foliage was even after the windier conditions last night.

It was definitely worthwhile and I will have a few more to share as I go through them. Not sure how much more exploring time I will have with other activities planned while I am here but we shall see.

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A aerials including more accurate color correction for Nebraska Notch and of course a Stowe shot for Powder. We got out early enough to not have to deal with as many of the peak crowds. One funny note is drones have become much more the norm since I started flying. I had my eyes on the wrong one for a moment and thought I was having a fly away. I was real nervous for a moment until I realized.






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