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May 2022 Thread


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I had a dream that NBM was showing a high of 98 for BDL Wednesday and 101 Thursday. I don't recall if it was specifically referencing this week but the jest of it is it's great knowing something like that isn't too far around the corner. 

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55 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

Looking forward to deep summer settling in this week in SNE

The phrase "settling in" might be a bit overdone.  Certainly looks like a nice 2 to 3 day period of summer-like conditions for many, but I don't see anything that suggest it is here to stay.

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1 hour ago, Torch Tiger said:

Really looking forward to later this week, but as it stands today is very nice.

Yup ... 63 here in Ayer.   Wind is NE but technically a land direction here so helping.

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