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2022 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Discussion

Chicago Storm

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47 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

A severe t’storm headed towards here at ORD faded as it approached, but it still provided great garden variety action.

Looks like home may have faired a bit better, with a more sustained line of severe warned t’storms having hit there a bit ago.

Here by Oak Brook small to medium branches  down. 

Nothing crazy, but I didn’t expect much.


I was watching it outside for a bit. Thought the 2 cells would split through here and continue sliding SE. Then, it started shifting a little more easterly. Afterward 15mins or so, saw a shelf cloud appear and start rolling in.  And had nice gusts. 

About 100ft row of branches going across the street.

One of the more severe “events” IMBY/ neighborhood this year lol. Wouldn’t guess in September.

But not surprised either considering the multiple touchdowns we had in the dupage area lately past couple years now.

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11 hours ago, Toro99 said:

Strangest and weakest thunderstorm warnings ever in sw MI

A little lightning/thunder here with a wind gust of 24MPH.  Certainly not enough to qualify as severe.  We did get a little over 0.5" of rain in about 15 minutes though so the rain was heavy but definitely not severe.


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I would love for a scientific discussion on why today happened.  What made a day with no support go ballbusters.

Negligible cape, but a high shear/forced environment.

A day like this many times will not “do it” and will almost always fly under the radar. On the rare occasion it works out, this is what you get.
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  • Chicago Storm changed the title to 2022 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Discussion

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