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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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10 hours ago, Ginx snewx said:

Mowed this morning,  little damp. Two huge pileated woodpeckers on the dead oak tree didn't even budge. Tearing up some serious bark. Nice breeze offset so not bad. Thought today was going to be nice and sunny?

Is was in dennisport.   As soon as I got to Hyannis it was cold and cloudy. Water still warm down there.  

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30 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

Surf was up today.  Long rollers 


What a day at Misquamicut there!  Man I miss that beach, childhood favorite on our few trips down per summer from Woodstock.  Looks empty and awesome.  Love how you can see the rollers way out into the ocean on that shot.

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3 hours ago, Torch Tiger said:

The charts posted on the 5th had 73/58  :facepalm:


BRADLEY INTL   MOSUNNY   81  66  60 VRB6      29.99F
HARTFORD       SUNNY     82  64  54 N5        29.98F
BRIDGEPORT     SUNNY     78  67  68 SW9       29.99F
DANBURY        MOSUNNY   83  65  54 VRB6      30.02F
GROTON         MOSUNNY   74  67  78 SW7       29.97F
NEW HAVEN      MOSUNNY   81  69  67 VRB3      29.98F
CHESTER        FAIR      82  64  54 VRB3      29.99F
MERIDEN        SUNNY     83  65  54 VRB5      29.98F
WILLIMANTIC    SUNNY     81  63  54 N5        29.98F
OXFORD         PTSUNNY   78  69  73 CALM      30.02F

A day 14 forecast failed to verify.  Stop the presses!!

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13 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

That line into SE MA has a history of impressive lightning. Pretty good for this time of year.

That cell slid just west of here. In my 2 and a half years at this house we have an uncanny ability to miss storms in every direction. It’s incredible. Their is like a 2 mile force field in all directions around my house.

That storm just contorted itself last second to miss me.

Oh well… we’ll take our .10 for the mums and move on 

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5 hours ago, 78Blizzard said:

18z GEFS maintains that ridge out west from d9-d15, and then relaxes it to more of a zonal flow near the end of the run.  But 850s stay in single digits here with most days BN.

576 heights or higher in all of SNE does not a cold pattern make on 10/3.  Also, 8C at 850 translates to mid and upper 60s which is not subnormal for the first week in October.

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5 hours ago, tamarack said:

Yes, about 55 years ago.  Fortunately I've forgotten most of it.  (Though I've read that it was an intentional over-the-top satire on sex-filled books.)

I think I read it when I was about 13 hiding it from our parents...lol.

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