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  1. Cuomo's refreshingly competent and on task compared to "Stable Genius" and unlike him is no crook. He's deservedly becoming more widely known outside New York, and we'd be served well if some day he becomes president.
  2. It's not the bible thumping per se. It's when the Christianity of the Good Samaritan; Sermon on the Mount, etc. is beaten to death with it. Charitability and protecting the weak-- I can listen to that at any decibel.
  3. Yes, based on the godliness of the typical trumper-bible thumpers out there, it's a mighty cold universe presided over by a cold as ice creator.
  4. Over to drizzly pablum here, Monson, MA. Perhaps and inch and a half before it started to slump
  5. Straight from the mouth of our Messiah of Mendacity. Duly noted.
  6. Birds of a feather...
  7. True to his status as a World Class Coward, he's finally gotten slapped by something he can't lie, bully, bloviate, blowhard away-- so yes, no choice.
  8. Peepers in full throat tonight, a good 2-3 weeks early.
  9. Swear off these and all the rest, and instead read. Read in depth from a variety of sources. Get a historical perspective. This is not the first time we've been threatened by a combination of pathogen and demagoguery,
  10. Totally agree, though like the great "stream of consciousness" author, Thomas Wolfe, Tip could use a good editor!
  11. Right around the time of the new moon-- a favorable omen.
  12. Confused. Heard rumors Davis is gay. (Or, he don't no how too spell)
  13. 1) Blizzard of 78 2) Monson, etc. tornado, 2011 3) Hurricane Carol 4) February 9, 1969-- the so called "Lindsey Storm" Boston style with 2 feet of wet snow/thunder snow on 50 mph gust gales 5) January 8, 1968; Living atop a high hill in S.W. N.H.: A high temperature of -8 with 60 MPH wind gusts. Plumes of snow flying from exposed places on Mount Monadnock, 8 miles to the south. Walked out into a field just to feel what -70 wind chill feels like. Not recommended. 6) December 12, 1960 blizzard, early start to a story book winter; the storm that sparked a life long wiener roast.