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  1. Hailstoned

    The Annual Countdown to May 1st Thread ©

    Gusty line just gone through, Monson, MA-- heavy rain, occasional lightning including one earth thumping cloud to grounder.
  2. Hailstoned

    March Disco

    October, 1869; Saxby's gale in that it was predicted by Saxby, a British naval officer, using calculations based on moon patterns. Aside from devastating gales from southern New England to the Maritimes (Where it made landfall as a full-fledged hurricane) its "freshet" caused widespread 55 flood type damage; for one taking out the mill that used to exist on the stream that flows through my property in Monson; and its winds taking down the steeple of the First Church in town; a feat repeated twice more thanks to the 38 Hurricane, and the 2011 tornado.
  3. Hailstoned

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    AND it's a super moon; AND it's a full eclipse. Lot's of twists and turns ahead, and likelihood for memorable mayhem.
  4. Hailstoned

    January 2019 Discussion

    It was one of those situations where the info was available and disseminated, but many paid little heed, despite the big January storm of a few weeks previous. Kind of like 38, it's hard to buy the seemingly improbable until you're wading in it, thigh deep.
  5. Hailstoned

    January 2019 Discussion

    78 announced itself with plenty of fanfare. The models (and W.D.) were on to it days in advance.
  6. Hailstoned

    January 2019 Discussion

    To master the art of writing, you must worship at the altar of reading.
  7. Hailstoned

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Finally, a good one in Monson, MA where the summer rains have not been all that generous. Active yellow/purple gust front, some vivid cloud to ground, and an intense downpour that continues.
  8. Hailstoned

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Never fertilized and never shall. Cut only as needed, and it's patchwork as I try to preserve blooming wildflowers. I have both an artesian well and property by a stream. A whole ecosystem including human, lives downstream.The rewards of minimal invasiveness: A variety of grasses, wildflowers, leopard frogs, snakes, dragon flies, fireflies, brook trout... far more lively a landscape than the chemically shepherded, monochrome green of the typical lawn squire. There are many passing by diverse, nature friendly yard spaces who will tip their caps as opposed to laughing. 50 years from now-- hopefully sooner-- the Round-Up mentality of the typical lawn squire will be seen in the same self-destructive light as we now see smoking. (Oh, and many weeds, not least the dandelion are both nutritious and therapeutic.)
  9. Hailstoned

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Prepared. But it needs to be said. For the sake of the homogeneous green carpet, there is endless noise pollution, gas emissions, chemical pollution, run-off into bodies of water leading to weed explosion/eutrophication; endangerment of beneficial and beautiful insects such as buttterflies; fireflies, bees... As this article mentions, there are better ways to have a yard, and, a natural wonderland as a bonus. The language may be a little dramatic in spots, but the points are well made.
  10. Hailstoned

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    As wx people, presumably lovers of nature and sensitive to the dangers of climate change, this read should be informative: https://earther.com/lawns-are-an-ecological-disaster-1826070720
  11. Hailstoned

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    Never mind "Bomb" or "K.U."; a whole new category needs to be created for this one-- Stingy-Ass Dusting Storm (SAD). Long may it shine in the hallowed hall of records!
  12. Hailstoned

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    Thread subtitle should be, "The snow that is never coming". ("Bomb"?? This isn't even a soggy firecracker).
  13. So, when the models obfuscate and contradict, maybe some good old fashioned observing as of yore might prove illustrative: --Driving east, home from Springfield this evening, noted the north to northwest horizon lined with sunset along a far border of bluish sky. Indication: the high cloud shield is not advancing far north. --Flags showed the breeze to be out of the north, as opposed to northeast or east --My arthritic right hip from decades of disc golf torque is not aching as it was prior to our past 3 March, snow-hole under performers. Conclusion: The National Weather service has been correct to lower expected snow totals in West Central and Western Massachusetts, and might profit from lowering them still further.
  14. Hailstoned

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Got the suck-model, come-on blues. NAM, HRR, all the rest, dressed up like tarts in Canal Street display windows-- all for 2 inches of cheap thrills.... Suckered. Never again...