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What the heck happened to the forum?

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Roger Smith was awarded the badge 'Superstar'

3 hours ago, Inudaw said:

Everyone getting badges! :D 

You and I are "newbies" but we've been here since day one, I think, along with all the other newbies. 

Perhaps Newbie Weather Forum would be a good name for this new look? 

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1 hour ago, Roger Smith said:

I just finished posting all sorts of data tables in one discussion, and now they are all unaligned and the narrower page presentation has all of them wrapping unexpectedly. 

Do you mean the column on the right hand side messing with things/alignment? I don't want/need it...


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On 7/7/2021 at 7:24 PM, Wow said:

verified tapatalk is working again. 

badges are for sissies

is there a way to get rid of that column on the right? I can't make it go away on my ipad

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