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  1. Looking exactly like a Hampton roads event now. Still got some time but...
  2. If we can prevent any more south east trends over the next 48 hours. We will come out fine.
  3. CMC casually drops 36 inch storm between the hours 180 and 228.
  4. Gfs keeping the shortwave separate. Never connects any pj or st waves together despite having 3 different possibilities to do so. Gfs went all in in the opposite direction.
  5. 12z nam put all its eggs into the real storm this go around...
  6. Yea and that stuff on the nam is not even the "storm."
  7. Eh it was not that big of change in respect to Richmond. If anything ensembles were a bit better overall for the metro area. Less extreme north west solutions in favor of a few more south and east solutions. A majority still a "Major" events for South Central Va and points south and east toward the tidewater. Mean actually went "Up" for that area.
  8. Confidence slowly increasing for those that missed the last few systems for Va.
  9. Euro.. decides it wanted to give every single county of Va some amount of snow from the system....
  10. I've upgraded my status to Cautiously Optimistic for this storm... Like where we sit compared to last time in terms of location and temperature. Only way we get to warm is if it tracks well west of what is currently projected. Would have to have the northern stream slow down and all the short wave come out and phase with said sub tropical short wave. Euro is the closet to that and we still get good snows with the 18z euro solution..
  11. Yea this storm we are about to have is definitely a mountain favored storm. We turn toward the next threat of hope it effects areas further east for the state. Good luck western areas. ^^
  12. 4.25" Snow total for East end of Henrico here. Most came in the last 2 hours of the storm. I think the wind was the most impressive thing with this storm though.
  13. Basically tapering down here in Richmond now. My measurement from the east of town 4.25" most of that in the last 2.5 hours.
  14. The System near Bermuda looking pretty healthy on visible..
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