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  1. Yea my ground is now covered with a light covering of white now. :x I call that a win after earlier today.
  2. I don't think there will be any accumulating snow inside of the Richmond city limits. Closest might be Chester.
  3. I actually don't see anything good on Radar from a Richmond Perspective. See good trends for the New Port news area but not this far north and west.
  4. Good luck South East Va. ^^ Not looking great for Richmond area.
  5. 18z nam as whole brought higher amounts to Richmond, but was more brutal with the northern cut off north of Richmond.
  6. I saw that's way bullish given most if not all output.
  7. 1" @ Richmond Airport. More to south and east.
  8. With out the support of the Euro.. which has hardly any snow anywhere (even NC) its hard to get any real confidence with this system.
  9. First flakes of the season. Snowing In Richmond.
  10. Rain changing to snow in Richmond now.
  11. Its all snow now in the east end. The radar returns seem to be sinking further south..
  12. The storm next weekend is nuts. TBD where it actually is frozen. Could easily be west of us or east of us. Its an wave of low pressure developing along the arctic front as it pushes through the east.