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  1. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    East end of Richmond did not fair too well. Only 1" of snow end and around the airport.
  2. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Flakes have started 10:30 Richmond. East side near airport.
  3. Holidays 2017-18 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    The surface low is passing south east of Bermuda this run. A bit of shank there.
  4. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Snowing nicely on south east side near Airport (Richmond). 1/2" as of 20 minutes ago or so.
  5. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Real concern it seems is how much will stick with an iffy surface temperature and overall thermal profile. Most mets and local areas not buying the high totals on models right now.
  6. Tropical Storm Jose

    Jose chased after Irma... and now is trying to go after Maria. :-/ ;p
  7. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    GFS is not even really a storm at this point... Looks like a glorified cold frontal passage after 174. The northern shortwave takes over after that.
  8. PTC Matthew

    Its not 144 hours is there now. Its a definite loop back across Florida track.
  9. PTC Matthew

    Trough is shallower this run than 6z. Not sure why everyone thinks its sharper. Its less negative, not as deep, and more progressive over the top of Matthew this run. This leads to a further east result once up to SC/NC boarder compared to 6z GFS run.
  10. 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Discussion Thread III

    I've been using this one for now.. http://barbadosweather.org/Composite/kidbuuComposite_displayer.php?Product=Reflectivity&Sector=fullView&Composite=Sabre&PlanetOfTheApes=1475203179
  11. 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Discussion Thread III

    All the models slow the system as it drops wsw... and then really slow it down just before it turns north.. accelerates a bit into Cuba/hati/Jamaica area. Steady for a bit through the bahamas before begging to accelerate north or north north east from that point. Really it depends how long it holds the wsw path before turning north whether or not this is Jamaica, Eastern Cuba, or Haiti's eventual impact.
  12. Matthew

    Its wsw motion that has commenced this evening?
  13. 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Discussion Thread III

    Definitely in the process of doing its WSW dip that many models showed. How long this course holds is yet to be determined. GFDL (older hurricane model) has it for a while.. and smacks this right into Jamaica sub 940 mb..
  14. 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Discussion Thread III

    Its still leaning that way with the movement. NNE to 192.. North to 216.. back to NNE at 240. It would pose more threat to Bermuda than the east coast based on the height patterns at that point.
  15. Matthew

    240 hours.. turns nne again... slowly heading away... Potential threat to Bermuda....