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  1. First flakes of the season. Snowing In Richmond.
  2. Rain changing to snow in Richmond now.
  3. Its all snow now in the east end. The radar returns seem to be sinking further south..
  4. The storm next weekend is nuts. TBD where it actually is frozen. Could easily be west of us or east of us. Its an wave of low pressure developing along the arctic front as it pushes through the east.
  5. Honestly won't be surprised if we go to plain rain at this in the East end.
  6. Might be more rain than we initially thought. NOt as much snow, ice favored, then goes to rain?
  7. Yea gfs was less ice more snow at 18z. :x
  8. Most guidance has increased the ice threat, and decreased the threat of higher snow totals for the Richmond area. Especially eastern areas. :p
  9. Good for now. Too many days away still to say it's a home run yet.
  10. We are in typical wait and see mode.
  11. 11" total so far. I do not expect much more. A sleet snow mixture has begun. 30.6 degrees.
  12. 3:30 pm. 6.5" of snow so far. 1" last hour. East end Henrico.
  13. 5.5" if snow as of 2:30 p.m. East end of Henrico.