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  1. Hmmmm. Just under technically at airport.
  2. Which would equate to three 0.5 events for me in 3 weekends?
  3. Not enough model support for weekend storm right now. Even if its the gfs.
  4. Had 2 minutes of drizzle now its all snow.
  5. Not a single rain drop all day. Still dry.
  6. 0.5 or less.. we are mostly going to miss the pre coastal snow (north and west) and the coastal won't develop in time for us (east of us)
  7. Not often you see a modeled 1063 high. Yea yea end of gfs run, but still impressive.
  8. Nam be trolling again. To good to believe.
  9. Well another fun tracking event. No results.
  10. Nam has zero support outside of 6z euro.
  11. 18z gefs has a few monster hits From Richmond and points south and east of Va. Mean looks like the storm we just had but juicier and more expansive (enough not to exclude the metro area. )
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