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  1. Kind of been overall heavier rates than last system, but less ice accretion. Think lighter rates over a longer time or a colder temperature overall would of lead to a worse outcome. Sleet/freezing rain right now. But probably less than .2 ice so far accretion.
  2. Freezing rain has started. Not sure if there will be any sleet to mix in or not. But not a great sign to start off as freezing rain.
  3. Thursday's ice storm is starting to look like it might be as bad or worse .. than this last one.
  4. Just over .5 here of ice. Still have power....for now. Several large branches down though.
  5. 6z nam and 6z rgem give metro area between 0.7 and 0.8 inches of ice.
  6. I've gone from mist to light rain/drizzle now. Temp 29. Can confirm "rates" are increasing slowly.
  7. Yea been freezing mist most of the afternoon here. Returns are starting to strengthen to the south and west... ;x
  8. 84 hour total. Most of that is from hour 60 to 84. Amount prior to that.
  9. I'm sure we are all looking foward to this.
  10. 0.15 ice 0.2 sleet for Thursday night/Friday Then another .5 ice later on past hour 84 into 96.
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