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Met Summer Banter


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7 minutes ago, DotRat_Wx said:

What, we allow all of this garbage all summer and then all of a sudden ban it? Why? Keep it the way it is. It's a forum. People banter about crap. Don't take this place too seriously. It's an online forum 

I thought what was said was that this Met Summer Banter thread was going away in 21 days, presumably to align with end of Aug, but the OT would be opening back up. Don't fret, we can still bash each other:guitar:

Edit: my bad. I see a new All Covid all the time thread"

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1 minute ago, Baroclinic Zone said:

I created a new and improved Covid thread where you can all beat each other senseless.  Let this thread die a slow banter death thru the end of the month and fire up a new one for Fall.


Do i need to show my vaxx card and wear a mask there?

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1 hour ago, DotRat_Wx said:

You are right 

Scientists that post here, like WhitinsvilleWX,  Radarman. What qualifies as a scientist?  Do I qualfy as a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.  I am not embarrassed nor are many others. What she makes up is hogwash.  We are not thin skinned and understand people have a right to their opinions.  We live in a free and open society not an echo chamber.  I find it enlightening. So many times she has run with stories that turn out to be false over the years yet never retracts. Let them go to their echo chamber and we will continue on raising issues, posting links to contrary data and let the reader decide. Nothing at all wrong with debate, nothing wrong with not being a shill to a political party or belief. Lemmings gonna lem

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