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  1. Another year, another tropical storm having us in the "red cone on uncertainty". Impacts shouldnt be that major, but a major feat seeing every year recently we were in the cone
  2. 96/70. Central air struggling to stay at 73
  3. Came out of hockey last night. Took a nice cold.shower in the locker room. Got dressed, went outside, smacked.in the face with 83 degrees....at 1130pm
  4. Man did Evans pay the ultimate price for that empty net goal. Take a hit to make a play. Unfortunately he might be done. To me, it was a clean hit, didnt break any rules. But it broke the code. Either way, they suspend of not, Scheifle will probably have to answer the bell from Weber
  5. Flying down to Florida June11. Maybe it will be cooler than here
  6. Low 40s and moderate rain. House is down to 61 degrees. I refuse to put the heat back on
  7. Trash weather. 49 and drizzle in May. Still waiting for constant 70s and sun
  8. Thought it wasn't supposed to rain? Hoping it holds off because I put down some Scotts Weed and Feed this morning. If it rains it will wash it away
  9. Glad and hoping this models.keep the accumulating snow away. Who the hell wants all that paste on tree already budding. Limbs down and power outages , no thanks
  10. Absolutely not. Don't need the destruction that will cause
  11. These ensembles are making it depressing looking at next couple weeks. Bunch of sh*t weather possibly coming. Feels like November getting the last nice fall day and looking at a long miserable cold stretch to wait for spring
  12. Just put some bug and grub killer down in lawn. Granules need to be soaked in, rain should take care of that tomorrow
  13. I've noticed past several summers, maybe even a decade, that forecasted summer squall lines do not hold up that well here, exception for the May 2019 line that spun a tornado a few miles away and knocked out my power for days. Other than that, I get my worst thunderstorms in the "popcorn" scenario. The previous years of cyclone tracks is worrisome. Unless something major changes in Atlantic, kind of hard to bet against the same tracks as past couple years
  14. Nice warm and humid walk. Felt great in my sinuses being I have a head cold
  15. Booked a tee time for Sunday midday. Going to feel great to get out and about
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