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  1. If I was told I could have a beer outside, in shorts, tee shirt and barefoot, while low clouds hang around on October 13, I would never believe it. But here we are, kind of a humid feel but comfortable. (dont worry already worked a 4-12 shift , that calls for a beer)
  2. Damn city people come up here and log jam our roads. The apples in the stores by you taste the same. Buy those, and it's cheaper too
  3. Blue skies starting to show up here. Hopefully it's gets more clear
  4. Definitely. I love torch winters. Hate being stuck in the house, with minimum daylight to go along with it. So depressing
  5. Have my 93 year old grandfather up from Florida. Had to turn heat on a few nights ago. I think I sweat out everything in middle of night. Now he's down in AC for a few days with my dad and aunt gambling away.
  6. 2024 at Bethpage Black. Wouldn't mind having a few drinks there lol
  7. Shot my personal best yesterday, 80 on par 72. Six strokes better than previous best. Double bogeyed 17 after tee shot found a mulch bed with little trees and bushes, giving me no shot to advance the ball except sideways back into the fairway. Missed green to the right from 140 yards. Ended in thick rough and a low spot in ground. Bad chip and two putted. Missed a 15 foot birdie putt on par 5 18 and got the par. Not disappointed that I missed breaking 80, that's being greedy being I never broke 85 before
  8. my range of death was 40-90 yards. I use Cobra one lengths, so my gap wedge is 49 degrees at 37.5 inches long. A full swing sends it to the moon and straight down for about 100 yards I carry a 52* and 56* in standard lengths, but do not do full back swings because those skull into the back trees too lmao. I been doing 3/4 back swings or less and accelerating fast through the ball, which have been covering those shots under 100 yards. Not saying I'm pin hunting with these. But gets on the green more often than not.
  9. Those rare solid ball strikes feel amazing, you know its a great shot just by the feel. But breaking 40 is a great feeling in a 9. Finished a back 9 with a 39 for my best ever 86 this summer Approach shots for me are hit or miss. Ill probably fat, thin, or shank maybe 2-3 a round that completely screws up a chance of par. I usually give myself a chance to scramble for par, but realistically one putts are a rarity, unless I can chip it real close. Those stupid triple putts usually only get me after a GIR. But got absolutely no problem draining a 30footer for triple bogey
  10. How's Thursday looking? Might take off for golf but afraid of it being drizzly and raw in-between showers
  11. How long has everyone been playing? This is my 3rd full season. I do not have a handicap. But am averaging scores between 90-95. With occasional high 80s and lowest 86 a few times. Of course there are crap days where I'm in the 100s. To me I dont think its bad at all, using off the rack irons, not fitted, and no lessons. And my natural drive off the tee is a draw that's around 240-275 yards
  12. Those balls always wind up in the water
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