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  1. Where the hell did all the rain go last night that the Nams forecasted
  2. Had to close the windows in the house. Haven't had the central air on in over two weeks
  3. Still not a drop of rain today. Keep thinking there's thunder outside, but it's West Point doing artillery drills
  4. We literally just got done paving Hudson street in village of Cornwall , about 15 minutes before the deluge
  5. Oof, work should be fun. Next week we will be milling and paving 2 roads. Nice, hot and dusty milling, and then laying blacktop a day later. Hopefully my work dumptruck AC keeps up
  6. 11am tee time tomorrow. The beer will be cold
  7. Closed my windows yesterday morning after house got down to 61 degrees. I closed them to keep the humidity out that would increase throughout the day. I set my Central air to 74 degrees as well. As of now, it's still 71 degrees inside. Hasn't kicked on yet. Currently at 87 degrees and very humid outside. I love this weather. Currently chilling on the back patio in some shade
  8. That's awesome finding your ball in the hole. It's funny when you hit a blind shot and can't find your ball, and you know it's not in the hole but you check anyway. I thought I had a hole in one last year. Uphill par 3, can barely see top of flag. Ball tracks onto the pin. Can't see it land, so drive up to green, there's no ball in sight. I thought it was in the hole, checked, no ball. It was 10 yards over the back of the green
  9. Shot a 93 yesterday,third time out this year. An 11 and 12 shot improvement from previous two rounds. Finally made solid contact with irons. Driver was decent keeping all but one in play. Short game unfortunately was atrocious after being great the last two times. Had 6 triple putts, two of them went from birdie putts to bogeys. In great news, got my first eagle. 18th hole par 5. Best drive of the day, left me 250yds to the green. Went with 3w being only trouble was left if left short, no problem. Caught it a fat and was a worm burner that only went 125yards down the right side of fairway. So 125 left, used my PW. Shot straight up going right at the pin, landed it 4 feet in front of flag and trickled in. That's one way to not use a putter
  10. Can do alot more things in warm and humid than cold & dry and cool and damp
  11. Wearing a long sleeve to work is real old now
  12. Sun trying to peek out here
  13. I'll take it over this crappy 3-5 day stretches with one good day inbetween
  14. I got a feeling that cut off will screw us next week. Mid 70s+ next week looking less likely
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