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  1. how cute Trixies little b!tch gave me a warning....so this is how the board is run? Mods get to target people they don't like
  2. dial what back....did you find that thread yet liar
  3. i don't think it ever really stopped
  4. and you are completely innocent?
  5. zero for me...but i know someone that got one lol
  6. I love Covid...look how it's brought people together
  7. once the starter comes out of the game
  8. they may go as high as 10 viewers
  9. he'll be co-hosting with his brother Fredo
  10. think he'll give back his Emmy?
  11. oh so you have to have a PHD to be allowed to post anything....yeah you're still a joke
  12. or maybe it's just simply called a joke....sorta like you
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