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Tropical Storm Eta

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3 minutes ago, Morris said:

We might not be impressed by garbage hurricanes after this. 

This will absolutely ruin the end of any hurricane season. Just because these storms happened, we will all be expecting similar late season activity, and be disappointed when it inevitablely isn't the same. That, or climate change really is leading to more active hurricane seasons.

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I'll be the first to say it - there is nothing different about this satellite presentation than that of Wilma/Patricia.  Perfect pinhole eye surrounded by thick moat of -85 < C cloud tops.  

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Note: Entries and edits close once the aircraft enters the storm. 

LongBeachSurfFreak: 920mb/145kt

The Ghost of Leroy: 920mb X --> 900/160kts

jpeters3: 895mb

Moderately Unstable: 917mb/145kt X--> 913/150kts

sojitodd: 914-917mb

Snowlover22: 890mb/155kt X--> revised: 170-175kts

Newman: 910mb/150kt

olafminesaw: 913mb/150kt X --> revised: 897mb/160kts

Master of Disaster: 921mb/140kt

Doc Jon: 888mb/155kt 

Will-Rutgers 925mb/140kt

OhioWX: 923mb/145kt

DDweatherman: 917mb/145kt

yotaman: 915mb/145-150kt

Floydbuster: 922mb/140kt

BYG Jacob: 913mb/145kt

That Hurricane: 904mb/160kt

CatLover014: 919mb/145kt

Orangeburgwx: 919mb/140-145kt

tiger_deF: 890mb/160kts

Normandy: 883mb/160kts

WxWatcher007: 912mb/148kts X revised: 903mb/155kts

Hawkeye_wx: 916mb/140kts

NorthArlington101: 907mb/150kts

SRRTA22: 908mb/150kts

USCAPEWEATHER: 896mb/165kts X --> 885mb/175kts

Amped: 895mb/160kts

pdm44: 901mb/155kts

Prospero: 911mb/160kts

BuffaloWeather: 906mb/140kts

Stebo: 915mb/145kts

OKTWISTER: 932mb/140kts

Wild Weather Monger: 901mb/160kts

Louieloy102: 903mb/150kts

LakeEffectKing: 899mb/150kts

wxmx: 885mb/165kts

Jim Marusak: 935mb/140kts. 

hlcater: 901mb/150kts

Calderon: 902mb/155kts

OSUmetstud:  890mb/155kts

NavarreDon: 903mb/155kts

jojo762: 887mb/155kts

If I haven't listed you yet or haven't updated your value, please standby. Y'all are enthusiastic. 


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2 minutes ago, WxWatcher007 said:

It'd be hilarious if they got in there and they found something like 935mb/135kts :lol: 

Love how folks are going big. 

That’s the thrill, almost makes not having recon all day worth the suspense since we’re not quite sure what to expect

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