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  1. Jaw dropping stadium effect, in November
  2. We probably aren't gonna get a good pass of the eye given the pressure gradient and eye size. Still have lots of egg on my face and need to get munching on my crow.
  3. Put me down for 895 mb/160 knots now
  4. Waiting for the one person that thinks this isn't a category 5
  5. As we all know, satellites are amazing at resolving such tiny eyes
  6. I don't care what Tomer thinks, it pretty clearly isn't weakening.
  7. Looks like we have the 3rd major of the season.
  8. I want to find an equally snarky response and cannot, take your +rep and **** off.
  9. The increase in technology has better allowed us to understand and identify tropical cyclones. Also, there's no way you could miss Alpha's radar signature regardless of the time period.
  10. TIL JoeBastardi went insane at some point
  11. Alpha is going to be trackable of the coast of ****ing France. Holy shit
  12. Perfectly 2020 for a storm to landfall in Portugal