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  1. read it for yourself https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/tcr/AL142018_Michael.pdf
  2. Not enough data to support category 5 intensity yet.
  3. Hopefully we get the sonde soon. The pressure probably just dropped quite a bit
  4. Eye contracting on radar, this storm is ****ing ridiculous.
  5. Ida really imitating Michael over land
  6. Recon confirms a hurricane, eyewall is closed
  7. The ITCZ being further south has very dark implications. The southern band of the MDR is much warmer, and a wave that far south is almost a lock to landfall somewhere.
  8. Apparently they "updated" the model before the 2020 season. The past 2 season make me yearn for got damn CLIPR
  9. The past 2 seasons have been an epic fail for the Euro.
  10. Exactly my thoughts. Keeping up with Elsa's small core is going to be immensely difficult until the storm slows down. It is clear that given the extreme ridging that pressure in Elsa will be abnormally high, and Elsa is absolutely producing hurricane-force winds.
  11. Might be hard to get accurate data in this case
  12. Ah, recon missed. Can't blame em, Elsa is booking it
  13. Recon is having some issues I guess.
  14. We probably aren't gonna get a good pass of the eye given the pressure gradient and eye size. Still have lots of egg on my face and need to get munching on my crow.
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