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  1. Looks like just south of this one another one is either taking over or there will be two tornados down at the same time
  2. Big TDS with it work so I cant post it but its intense.....
  3. Looking on Google Earth there are several large hog/chicken farms around town and those buildings are made of big long sheets of sheet metal so that would make for a impressive debris sig if they were hit......
  4. yeah mid morning to early afternoon could be problematic in central and eastern NC.....soundings are as bad as they get around here.
  5. yeah this could get bad Monroe pretty sizable town.....
  6. Could be cycling in LA, Arcadia a much larger town looks to be inline if it does.....
  7. Yeah hate reading this on the last SPC update... The main question with this outlook is convective mode. There are two possibilities. The first is that the band of thunderstorms will have discrete elements and gaps that will be favorable for supercells and tornadoes. Forecast soundings at 15Z from southern Virginia southward into northern South Carolina show looped hodographs with 0-3 km storm relative helicities in the extreme catogory, generally near or above 600 m2/s2. This would support a threat for strong tornadoes associated with the more dominant supercells. A wind damage and hail threat would be likely with supercells and with the more organized line segments. The second scenario would be that a squall-line is ongoing at 12Z from eastern Georgia northward into the western Carolinas and Virginia. In that case, widespread wind damage would be likely. A QLCS tornado threat would exist with the stronger bowing line segments. Hail would also be possible with the more intense parts of the line. At this time, the outlook reflects the first scenario in which more discrete cells are present across the warm sector at 12Z. In this case, a cluster outbreak of tornadoes would be possible and a strong long-track tornado or two can not be ruled out.
  8. Euro/GFS say it will be a bit windy next week when the big storm rides the Apps with the big high offshore, these are always over done but even if you knock off `15-20 mph from these numbers that still puts us in a wind advisory criteria day with gust to 50ish.....
  9. 65 went to grocery store in shorts and a t shirt.....still snow on ground and roofs in a few spots lol....
  10. 21 degrees last night makes this the first night we have been below 25 all fact we have only been below 30 a total of 15 times all winter.
  11. I am at work now and I actually got 1-2" more at my house than here (about 10 miles north of my house) but ground still covered, the wind was from behind the building so the ground closest to building was protected
  12. Flakes trying to get bigger and rates are still high if I had quarter size flakes this would be piling up fast...