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  1. All it takes is something like Matthew to make it a memorable year.....we keep getting these troughs off the east coast and homegrown system chances will be higher than normal....
  2. Love me days like this sun then storms, nothing to crazy but did just get under a small but intense little hail core, managed to get the end of it on video was right in the middle of dinner lol.....also notice the blue sky just south on me on the video....all penny size or smaller ( maybe a few marbles here and there) but came down hard for a few minutes.
  3. Yeah wow luckily it was in a pretty rural area.....some more on Facebook
  4. The big cell south of the triangle could be trouble on the path it is on if it gets tornadic....it kinda has that look to it but it could look totally different in 15 mins....
  5. Solak that's gonna get close to your neck of the woods.....its kinda messy but if it can get organized just a bit its gonna be a problem its got room to work with.....
  6. Storm west of Danbury looks really good on radar.....going to last for awhile unfortunately. The eastern tor warned cell is actually only a few miles east of the Autryville Tor from yesterday.
  7. Pretty scary looking scans coming from Charlotte storm could be about to drop a tor right in downtown almost......
  8. Yeah this is pretty typical SE tornado setup....there will probably be a dozen or two more warnings this afternoon but most will be short lived and weaker tornados. Storm with a tor warning in NC now SW of the Triad......Clemmons NC seems to be a tornado magnet.
  9. There was a quick spin up SW of Darlington but its faded, and the storm that has already probably produced two tornados looks to be trying for 3...
  10. That area is right along the north shore of Lake Murray, a lot of homes etc in this area....
  11. Looks like SPC about to issue a MD for central NC, probably going to expand the tornado watch as well.....I see the highlighted area on SPC MD page but no discussion for it yet
  12. Rotation tightening just south of Prosperity SC.....
  13. Saluda rotation has weakened the last few frames as has the TDS but its seems a safe bet they had a TOG just west of Saluda.
  14. TDS has lasted 3 frames so far, tornado should be rain wrapped and is about to move very close to the western edge of Saluda....
  15. Yikes that Saluda SC rotation is impressive......going to come very close to Saluda proper....I think we got a few posters there.