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  1. Looks like EF2-3 type damage.....some fairly new homes look to be wiped to the foundation almost....
  2. This is pretty darn good agreement....
  3. Yeah this is a insane panel.....with that low strength and placement you wouldnt think the warm nose is that strong.....its showing 23/24 IMBY with the snow/rain line slam back in the mts.....
  4. Right we need the PV to either dive on down and give us a monster snow storm or hang up.....some runs have had epic ice storms with temps in the single digits and teens for DAYS afterwards which would be certainly life threatening with widespread power outages, and with that kind of bitter cold it would be very difficult for crews to begin to repair the damage....
  5. Thats my hope, the chances the models have the location and timing of the S/W's in this range given the setup is pretty low and there is going to be a lot of changes run to run, it wont be till Tues/Wed once the players are better sampled modeled that we get a real while the monster big dog seems much less likely on most runs the potential for it to come back is certainly there.
  6. If this trend were to continue the big dogs would come back.....
  7. Seems like that was the case fairly close to the event as well, inside of 72 hrs either the Euro or the NAM was pasting us still.....was so frustrating watching heavy sleet for hours knowing it was costing me a lot of potential snow.
  8. Much better than it was looking at 12Z...nice improvement....
  9. Was just texting Shaggy that this might be best GFS run ever lol.......seriously looked about to smack the SE again at the end of the run too....closest run to Mar 1980 I have ever seen.....only better.
  10. ....hopefully the Euro does tick north some.....but overall you wouldnt think there is much risk of a NW trend with a 1050ishmb high building into the upper midwest.....
  11. With a big high like that you got a better chance of a SE trend than a NW one....
  12. Got to take notice when these two agree like this in this range....
  13. All snow now on the east side of Greenville NC......started mixing at 2am took 20 mins to go all snow
  14. waiting to see how right the models are for MBY....wouldnt be surprised to get 1-2" also wouldnt be surprised to see 4-6".....or even nothing but rain. Still the model trend has been for 4-5 hrs of decently heavy snow on the hi res models....hopefully the surface temps crash to freezing faster than forecast to maximize the snow that does fall.