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  1. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Not a single day with a high of 90 or higher IMBY on the 06Z GFS, many days where upper 70's low 80's.....thats pretty crazy for mid to late July average high is 90/91 here this time of year.
  2. downeastnc

    July 2018 Observations

    88/55 giving us a 86 heat index...dont see that too often around here in the summer.
  3. downeastnc

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Outer band of storms fron Chris well off Hatteras from my vantage point on the Panlico Sound.
  4. downeastnc

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Going to be TD #3 at 5pm...... NHC will initiate advisories at 5 PM EDT on Tropical Depression Three located a couple hundred miles southeast of the North Carolina coast.
  5. downeastnc

    2018 General Tropical Discussion

    Wouldnt be surprised to see advisories at 5pm for a TD off the NC coast. The broad low level circulation has tightened up all day and the current increase in storms is close to the center. Totally not digging the "no floater available" issue at the moment.....
  6. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    It varies quite a bit run to run.....could be a pretty nice cool shot right after the 4th.....I hope it pans out as I am at the river for the week after the 4th and mid 80's and some clouds are way better than mid 90's and sun.
  7. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Looks like the "heatwave" will be transient though middle of next week ought to be pretty tough with highs mid to upper 90's.....still after 3-4 hot days its back to normal or even below normal temp wise for a lot of the Carolina's at least. Days like yesterday and today I can deal with all summer long...
  8. downeastnc

    June 2018 Obs

    Pretty typical summer time weather here highs around 90 and chances of storms every afternoon......no real crazy wall to wall heat on the models for most of NC at least through the end of the month but some mid 90's or better popping up for a few days. After rain 13 out of 15 days to end May and begin June we have now gone 6 days without a drop of rain IMBY.
  9. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Models keeping on the trend for a normal to below normal first half of June temp wise in NC at least......there are a few hot 90ish days but also some barely breaking 80 days with DP's in the 50's...I will take that all day long in June
  10. downeastnc

    May 2018 Obs

    that 20% was for the morning hrs, you are at 50% for the afternoon.....tomorrow is the only day were we/you are at 20% for the afternoon hrs all week.....its back to 30% for the evening hrs tomorrow as well.....
  11. downeastnc

    May 2018 Obs

    Its nasty out 82/72.....numerous heavy slow moving showers/storms will add the the 1.70" I got yesterday.
  12. downeastnc

    May 2018 Obs

    Steady moderate to heavy rain here for the last hr or so, radar trends seem to suggest this will continue another hr or two before cutting off....
  13. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Yikes....widespread 3-5" totals forecasted for a lot of the SE.....the river here only a few feet from flood stage and still rising slowly, if eastern NC gets 4-6" as depicted on the WPC forecast then we should see most rivers go to at least minor flood stage.
  14. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    PGV has 7.10" of rain recorded so far in May, and still manages to be 5.5 degrees above normal temp wise......be nuts to top 10" of rain for May, the current max monthly total for May is 9.71 back in 2012.
  15. downeastnc

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Looking very wet for the SE, chances increasing that the first tropical storm could hit and combined with strong southerly flow over the SE really make for another wet 7-10 days.