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Winter 2017-2018 Recap (In Images & Photos)


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1 hour ago, FallsLake said:

Yeah this was a good winter. I ended up with ~12" total that included the 8" from the January storm. I'll still only give the winter a B+ rating because the warm February. That month was very depressing for a winter loving person like me. Definitely looking forward to next winter.  

Would up with 17.5 to 18 in. of snow this winter. Not to bad but like many others I wish February could have been cold too. That being said March has been fun to watch. I’ve said this before but I don’t remember seeing 3 measurable snows in March before. If the last one would have been in January or February I believe it would have been much more the the 4.5 we received. 

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There is no way I can grade the Triad's Winter below A-.  Significant snow in early December AND late March, and who knows what the models are sniffing in about eight to nine days!! The several nights in the single digits. The frozen ponds and rivers. Nearly twice average seasonal snowfall?  February is the only blemish, but with all the rest, how could it not be a magnificent winter for the Triad?

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Great pics and data guys!  My first winter in NC.  Moved from Easley, SC in the upstate to Cherryville, NC last year. We had 3” with the December storm and 5” with January storm plus almost a week of sub freezing temps and an ice storm on super bowl Sunday.  Better than I experienced in S.C. in last few years.  

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As others have said, great recap and pics! When I grade a winter I give separate grades for cold and snow. For my area, had some cold with the early Dec snow, but the rest of Dec was blah, and it ended up above average. Obviously the first half of Jan was nice, but the six weeks following were AWEFUL. March had a little cold, but nothing memorable. Overall a D for cold. The Jan cold snap was great but it couldn't carry an otherwise above average temp winter with a total no additional cold till March.

As for snow, I got a little below my average, so that would normally yield a C- . But, there was more potential than many years and the two snows I got were both on the edge. Then I missed a ton of other systems, including a parade of snows hitting NC in March. It was one of the most frustrating snow years ever here, with much of NC getting big seasons, and Charleston and even Gulf coastal areas getting memorable storms. I was in the CLT-GSP-CAE Burmuda Triangle of snow. D-.

So cold and snow aggregate for me; "D" at best.

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