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  1. Just looking at slope cams, it looks like Beech and Sugar are running those snow guns full throttle. Should be a great head start on the ski season
  2. Pleasant fall breeze tonight. Shouldn’t be long before those southwesterly’s roll in for the duration of winter..
  3. Light snow was reported here this morning. I woke up at 6am and saw the heavy precip setting up on a line from Greenwood to Rock Hill so I went back to sleep. Next
  4. It’s hilarious the snow goobers evacuate the thread for the main winter months but are back in April for one last rug pull
  5. Yeah as long as you put a little blue dot over Seattle
  6. Cape Cod is 100% cold rain this run. Ouch. Man I wouldn’t want to be on the fringe of this thing. The north trend has been something to behold this year
  7. Snow means don’t verify but I bet rain means do
  8. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Wish I could add more. SER will win out. No way the cold push even makes it to Alabama imo
  9. Hard to believe anything the GEFS does good in the long range (I.e Snowfall Maps) simply because it’s so block happy and it never materializes
  10. This winter is toast. Give it up guys. There’s no such thing as an analog anymore
  11. Worst winter ever. I’ve seen some bad ones, but this takes the cake. Its hot today even by spring standards. We suck at snow. It will never snow again. The sky is falling. Magnetic north is shifting the wrong direction. We might as well live in South Florida. Winter is gone and never coming back
  12. What if the FV3 beats the odds and ends up right with a CAD storm only to have other guidance converge with only a couple days left before IceMageddon? Looks like Canadian Ensembles as well as GEFS increased on their Ice potential at 12z..been a boring winter. At least this is fun again for another 4-5 hours
  13. FV3 brought the boom yet again. It’s mostly, if not all, ZR/IP for NC/SC but here’s just an idea of the wedge strength