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  1. Tough mountain forecast this weekend. I booked a place on Sugar but I’m not paying $400 for the weekend to ski in a rain snow mix. I feel pretty good about it but Ray is still on the fence so that gives me cause for concern. Do you think we’ll know what we’re looking at for areas above 4K feet by Wednesday evening? Thanks
  2. I don’t see a lot of upper air pattern maps posted in here. Probably because you guys are too busy chasing actual snowstorms. It seems us SE guys only chase patterns supporting snow and not the actual snow itself. Anyways, here’s a pattern map for you guys to mull over. Us southeastern guys like to call it “Spring”.
  3. It comes with the territory when you’ve got a juiced up STJ. Rain, and lots of it.
  4. Couple more tics north from the euro and it’ll be seasonal and wet next week as opposed to seasonal and dry! Exciting model runs ahead
  5. Maybe if we could shift that big low in the Northeast NE another couple hundred miles it could help funnel colder air in and push that HP down out of SE Canada into NY state..I know, It’s a reach
  6. 12z Euro showed a smidge if onset frozen up around Buncombe, Haywood, Yancey, McDowell counties..other than that, not much. Subject to change
  7. Spring is basically here so this madness should come to a halt anytime now
  8. Rule of thumb: Go with the warmest model
  9. Coastals usually tick back east in the last 48 hours. It will be crucial to get those bigger totals on land before the inevitable eastward jog