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  1. Snow guns in full force at the resorts right now. A month ago I didn’t think they’d make it to the second week in March. I’m glad I was wrong.
  2. You know it was bad when you can see the warm nose on a winter snowfall percent of mean graphic
  3. Beech mountain summit cam looks like blizzard conditions right now. It’s got to be close
  4. WYFF futurecast radar says some time between now and March 4th
  5. Hope y’all like clipper snow. Carolinas got this thing right where we want it
  6. I’ve seen snow thrice in February with a record AO! Icon says #4 is on the way!
  7. Yeah, temps won’t be a problem with this one
  8. You’re going to love the 00z GFS. Rainy clippers and even a 65 degree Miller A rainstorm
  9. Probably need to wait on this little snow event to clear before someone has and aneurism trying to figure what snow is what on those ensemble maps
  10. It snowed again in South Carolina today. That makes three times since you said winter was over for us
  11. Hey grit, how shallow is this warm nose here in the upstate? Is it just above the surface?
  12. Grateful to get the snow and watch it fall for the 3rd time this month, but I’d love to lay down an inch. Never satisfied
  13. @mackerel_sky is going to love this one.. I should have headed to the Motel 6 in Chesterfield, not Landrum
  14. I need the rain. My Zoysia looks a little parched this morning. So it’s a no for me dawg
  15. Motel 6 in Landrum still got any availability?
  16. GSP must have read Grit’s forecast just before pulling the plug
  17. Any hotels with availability up near your house? I don’t want to miss out
  18. It snowed heavily here for 6 hours start to finish and I wound up with a half inch on elevated surfaces that melted as soon as the precip moved out. You’re right, it matters.
  19. Yeah. I’ll chase 2/2.5 hours to the higher elevations in Avery county for a moderate event. If I’m chasing 800+ miles I’m flying to Breckinridge
  20. On meso models if Brick is already dealing with sleet cutting into accums in northern wake, this one is toast for the upstate. I need Brick to get 9”+ if I want more than a backend flurry
  21. Looks like somebody hasn’t seen the WARF!