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  1. surprised nobody mentioned the uk its not great but it aint ugly!
  2. hmm bring that sucker over a few hundred miles and wed be in business... totally within the realm of possibility, ensembles should be interesting
  3. well i was left with nothing but a cold rain special... I swear ill move out west one of these days, but i'm happy for anybody who gets snow in the south. We central nc folks will get ours! I'm just glad it wasnt mid jan with this one like last winter... anyways the gfs ensembles give up little hope for the future as we enter a fairly cold and dry period until maybe the 15 or 16 still have some good cold hanging around as well, i like this time frame for another climo favored snow storm. you know what that means for us centrals but dont sweat it guys still have a lot of winter to go
  4. hmm id be willing to bet that band headed towards atlanta is going to change to snow soon
  5. Topped out at 45 here, 44 now. Forecast was ~54
  6. NAM is a tiddly bit colder and much slower with the precip
  7. I think the time frame from the 15th to the 18th is worthy for something trackable to pop. Don't hold me to it but GFS ensembles have been hinting at precip down around the gulf following a dry period with plenty of cold air to work with.
  8. Who knows I'd bet a good few of us will at least see some unexpected flakes, which is more than I got 2011-12 Heres the link http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=17&parm=850mb&underlay=0&source=1
  9. All I can say at this point is keep a close eye on that 0c line and your thermometers!
  10. gfs once again weaker with the gl low
  11. interesting the gfs really backed off the gl low
  12. there is no better signal for snow in central or western nc than this image right here not to be taken verbatim of course