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  1. 34 with rain with a few flakes mixing in around southern Polk County, a little sleet pinging as well. More snow mixing in the middle of the county.
  2. curdog

    2016/17 Drought & Fire Concerns

    It's a larger fire , but not the largest in georgia, the fires in South Georgia in 07 around Waycross burned around 440,000 acres . I think they named it the Georgia Bay complex or something similar .
  3. curdog

    2016/17 Drought & Fire Concerns

    I've been lurking and learning here for a while ,so making my first post . .. Our weather conditions are starting to give us higher fire control issues , kbdi's are running over 500 in many parts from hickory west and the 100 and 1000 hour fuels are starting to drop to critical thresholds . . once the leaves come down and get the sunlight on the forest floor it's going to get busy throughout western nc ,sc and the central southeast .I had a fire last Wednesday in hardwood litter and the high kbdi's are allowing the litter layer to hold heat still . These fires holding heat for days on end will run firefighters to death with leaf drop. Containment lines will have to be cleared daily and reburn on contained fires will continue as fresh leaves hit the ground . Having to continue to check previous fires doesn't leave much time for new starts . If this dry weather pattern continues there will be large fires due to high burning indexes that will prohibit firefighters from working closely to the flame front , the intensity will require firefighters to back off and go to the next Ridge, or road . Even fires right now that are burning in last year's compacted leaves are showing 2-3 foot flames , which is right on the edge of being successful with working directly on the flame edge with hand tools , once leaves hit the ground , it will either require a bulldozer or backing out farther , add any slope and wind it will multiply rates of spread and flame length .