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  1. Ice accumulating & 30 in Hillsborough. Not as much (yet) as last week but looks like a few more hours of this could ge messy. Hopefully temp will tick upwards.
  2. Yep, where is the cold coming from? Doesn’t seem like evaporative cooling has low enough DP to get the job done.
  3. Sun peeking through the remaining hazy clouds
  4. It has been snowing hard with large flakes for most of the last 3 hours. 2.5-3” more so far and still snowing.
  5. Any recent reports on condition from topsail, Snead’s ferry, swansboro?
  6. Is there an adjustment that needs to be made or is that truly a 177mph wind reading?
  7. Actually I'll buy this one. Animals are keenly aware of human habits and patterns. When we abruptly change our patterns it throws the animals off there schedules which often revolve around us. Nonscientific observation: roadkill spikes around time changes.
  8. Anybody know what’s going on with Fishel? Just heard he was going to be out on medical leave. Folks at WRAL are praying for him. I’ll offer the same.
  9. Post on YouTube and post link here
  10. I think there is a line from Chatham to Carrboro to hillsborough to N Durham that is going to be the jackpot
  11. Just measured 11” 2 miles S of downtown Hillsborough.
  12. It is going to be more than 10” I think. I’m pushing 11 now. Amazing daytime snow.
  13. Just measured 10” on a wooden picnic table in the middle of a clearing away from the house and trees.......still snowing
  14. Just measured 2 3/4” on picnic table. Very pretty daytime event. Getting a touch concerned about the load on the trees. Hope this turns to a drier snow. 32/30
  15. Tad over 1” in hillsborough. 32/30. Nice steady snow.
  16. Ground is white in hillsborough, big fluffy flakes, 33
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