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  1. It was just a tropical storm hit, I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
  2. Yep, stalled over the same area is no means for intensification. It's just over cooled waters.
  3. Chris is looking good. Really well defined eye.
  4. NAM bombs Chris out down to 935 MB by tomorrow afternoon.
  5. This is an interesting storm. Stalled off the coast.
  6. Quite the gut punch from Juan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Juan#/media/File:Juan_2003_track.png
  7. Good call, what's the worst tropical storm you've seen up that way?
  8. Any word out of Lynchburg, VA? That looked like a pretty good hook encho and strong storm.
  9. looked like a pretty good hook echo for the Lynchburg area. Any confirmed reports?
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