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7 minutes ago, Cobalt said:

WeathermanB is probably my age, but he's completely wishcasting. 

Its just frustrating because some of us have been here a very long time.  This board started in Nov2010 I believe, but its predecessor (EasternWX) goes back even further.  Back in the day, people would get ridiculed for posting pointless stuff.  Thats why I only post when its slow or in the banter threads OR even in Obs threads during a storm. 

Now everyone is too friendly.  I wish a legacy poster would call people out again. 

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15 minutes ago, leesburg 04 said:

What is ironic is that the storm thread was actually flowing ok after storm mode was lifted, of course some banter and non "professional" talk was in it...then tweedle dee and tweedle slackass thought it would be cool to play around and post silly banter in it. Now we have a bunch of school kids who's brains are made of...skip that part, they don't have brains yet...following suit like they got a hall pass.

And for the record, this is just my opinion nobody else may feel this way, you can dispute it and call me mean and all that kind of stuffs...still my opinion. Still love you guys...that's why I posted this in banter. :) 

I fully expect to have one less FB friend and for my Lat Long coordinates to completely disappear now. :(



I’m here to please you and you alone because I care. That’s what this board is all about.  Caring. And caring is sharing. 

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