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  1. It is very, very wet. Like white mud. This is gonna be a nightmare tomorrow morning on refreeze.
  2. Mulch is whitening, grass and deck following
  3. I left Reston about 30 min ago and it was ~50/50 snow/rain then so should be fine. Car thermometer dropped from 46 to 36 driving from Reston to Ashburn. Flake size and rates are trying to increase in Ashburn, but everything still just wet.
  4. I definitely don't begrudge SPC for issuing it. I think there's room to begrudge SPC/NWS for forcememing it as the second coming of April 2011.
  5. King Euro might be knocked down to knave after this.
  6. Rates have picked back up with big flakes. Eyeballing 5-5.5"
  7. I bet Ian is part of it. He loves dry air and sun angle trolling He just retweeted someone that was already calling bust
  8. I vaguely remember Ian going off on twitter about them once and someone at another office said the 90 and 10 maps are automatic from WPC probabilities, are heavily SREF-driven, and should largely be ignored. Local offices are given freedom to move the 90 and 10 maps if they want but no one has time so they just go out as is. The "expected" is the actual forecast that the office puts time into.
  9. I understand them just fine. They're stupid and mets who should know better amplify them all over twitter, which then misinform the public. That's why I said "we have this discussion a lot." They continue to suck and mislead and should either be fixed or discontinued, like a lot of the American weather models.
  10. We have this discussion a fair amount, but the expected/low/high graphics packages just make no sense. Leesburg's "expected" is 6-8 but the "high end" (10%) is 7?
  11. Was looking forward to a good powder weekend at Snowshoe, now I’ll be lucky not to get sunburned
  12. Sleet now. Maybe 0.5" snow before the change.