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  1. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Nice, steady, five-flake-per-minute pace. This should really stack up.
  2. January Banter String

    For what it's worth, I'm having a bad gout attack. In the past that has meant snow.
  3. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    I'm having a bit of trouble keeping the timing together here. Are we looking at a potential coastal overnight Wed., with potential overrunning Tues, with potential overrun to the overrun as early as tomorrow afternoon?
  4. January Banter String

    I’m excited about another piss and vinegar five days to chase a dusting.
  5. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Constant sirens in Ashburn.
  6. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Skies are brightening.
  7. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Some pingers, some flakes, some raindrops. Deck and exposed dirt in backyard are coated. Driveway is slick.
  8. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Light sleet starting to fall.
  9. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Getting darker and darker, but dews still in the 8-10F range.
  10. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

  11. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Pavement temps in MD seem largely in the teens and low to mid-20s. http://www.chart.state.md.us/travinfo/weatherstationdata.asp Can't find similar data for VA but I assume they're similar. Seems like onset time is the key. If this becomes a noon to 1 event instead of a 4-6 PM event, that's gonna have a lot of people stuck at work. 21/7
  12. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    3k NAM nailed Thursday and RAP/HRRR were hot garbage as usual. You could run a flamethrower on my street for an hour and every flake/pellet would still stick.
  13. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    28/14. virga all around
  14. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    The straight line west edge also suggests they ran out of time/data and Darryl just went in and fixed it with a pencil.
  15. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    It's the NAM.