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Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

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1 minute ago, Wonderdog said:

Actually it looks like the radar has filled in quite impressively. Light to moderate snow in Gainesville

Same here.  I'll just say light but no stickage.

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14 minutes ago, NattyBo said:

Not a stray flurry here in Bob Chill land.



I should've known this would happen since I told the kid to expect snow when he woke up. 

Same, argh.

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1 hour ago, losetoa6 said:

Nothin falling here but it's plenty cold enough 30/26 ..just need 1 thing ............ moisture:lol:. Unfortunately Hrrr looks ugly up here ...1 more 20 mile shift and it's zippo....being on the nw edge there's  always that fear but yesterday's runs were very comforting.  I hope we all can salvage something . Tuesday and Friday systems actually  might put down more accumulation here then today ..lol

Yea we're in trouble up here. All guidance last night shifted east and now places the banding that was over us yesterday closer to 95. Current conditions support that too. They might be better off now. No one here was ever going to get into the deep moisture feed to the southeast. But 95 might be better positioned to get some of the banding we often see on the back edge. We look to be left with the fringe scraps now. I just pray we scrape our way to an inch. That would be enough for my son to be happy. He was so excited to use his new snow boots and sled. 


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