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  1. I really like DT's slides. He is a good teacher. You can understand where he is coming from. No matter what occurs, I learned a lot.
  2. Light rain will continue for a bit. .28 at 7 am. 42 degrees. Calm winds.
  3. Winds were not to bad here. One medium branch down. Rain was 2.49 for the event. I wonder if any of those modeled high winds on the ocean verified? Lewes area was the precip jackpot with a bit more than the rest of lower DE.
  4. .18 here at 8:00 am. Rain began around 7:30 am. Just looked at the weather briefing product put out by Mount Holly. Wow! What a comprehensive and clear product that is.
  5. I saw two super cells in the line of storms that crushed eastern NY and NE last night. I saw them around 4:30 pm and checked the radar. They were 30+ miles away and looked like they were much closer. They were training up the coast of DE just off shore. It was so cool to see as I have been watching the storm spotter videos on youtube and they were classic examples. They were discrete and blew up even larger on the radar as they continued north over the ocean. It was a WOW! for me.
  6. Total from Nate: .08. It is very dry here. Hopefully we will get some rain tonight and tomorrow. Maybe a half inch if lucky. Been awhile since I have heard a lawn mower. We have lots of fat pecans but the squirrels are plundering them before they drop. No matter what I grow there is some animal, bird or bug that gets to it before it's quite ready to harvest.
  7. Precipitation was very uneven in DE. Only .33 here but more was recorded near the coast. Selbyville was the highest with 3.61. It's cool and partly cloudy 63 degrees.
  8. Only .31 here but lots of Thunder and Lightning.
  9. Storm total here is 1.48 in my new CoCoRaHS guage. Since I got the guage I joined and am reporting now. It was breezy here but no real windy conditions. I don't know why but the power went out about 8:30 a,m. This morning. Generator is running.
  10. Thank you C.A.P.E. It is a shame that news coverage is so poor around here that we have to find out what happened from those in DC. WBOC is horrible.
  11. I may join. Will have to see what is involved. I will probably join because weather stuff fascinates me.
  12. That is a very nice guage. I ordered one. Thanks!
  13. IDK if this is accurate or not. My "Accurate" gauge broke. I need advice on buying a new rain guage.
  14. My rain guage is a clean 5 gal bucket. Accordingly we had just at 6 inches of rain here in lower Delaware. There was a band that came through about 4 am. I have rarely heard such a downpour. Fortunately it was so dry here that most of the rain soaked right in. I am sure there are going to be problems but it could have been worse for sure. We will see what today brings.
  15. We did not get "crushed" last night although it did look like it. What we got was a nice Thunderstorm and a little over an inch of badly needed rain. One of the best parts was the rolling thunder that came towards the end. It went on and on. It is hard to guage but it was well over 30 seconds and seemed more like a full minute. Lovely high summer sound and light show. There was no wind or hail and with the heat forecast the moisture will be short lived before it cooks away.