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  1. 21 for the low here. It is back up to 26 already. We had a heavy dusting of snow. It has melted except for raised surfaces. I forgot and left my CoCoRaHS gage out over night. It is frozen and frozen into the bracket. It has .46 of ice in it. Will try to recover it around noon and get the true reading.
  2. Where is Lucy with the football?
  3. Here is a screen shot from Weather Lab of Dorian in 3D. So cool to see it.
  4. I have to add that the storm with the tornado in April was worse in thunder, lightening and wind when the tornado passed by. This evenings storm had a lot more rain and lots of hail. It has been an amazing year for severe in this area.
  5. Oh my what a storm we had this evening. Winds to around 60 mph. Two rounds of hail with the first round bringing 15 minutes of quarter size hail. The second round was briefer and the hail was smaller. I lost my persimmon tree which was loaded with green fruit. We had 3.63 inches of rain in less than 45 minuets. Every bit of it quickly sunk into the parched ground. I made a spotter report by phone and the power went out in the middle of the call and the phone disconnected. The NWS employee could hear the hail hitting the windows during the call. They said the storm had a large hail core. I was able to call back and finish the report. tomatoes and peppers took a beating too. This was the worst TS in many years for this area.
  6. Here is a shot of the tornado warned area from Radar Scope
  7. The sighting was at 8:20 am. I just love the sound. We had a great time. You are fortunate!
  8. Just got back yesterday from Corolla Light N.C. We spotted this from the rental house overlooking Currituck Sound on Tuesday morning. It was rotating and seemed to be reaching the water but soon dissipated. There were no watches or warnings out. I reported it to the NWS since I became a spotter at the Georgetown DE training held there by the NWS on May 4. It has been a busy time for me with severe this year with the EF2 that went by my place near Laurel by about 3 blocks. THAT was scary.
  9. I have to say that the NWS report for the Laurel area reads like the damage is much milder than what we are seeing. There were more than “several” homes and barns damaged.
  10. RT 13 North bound is open now. South bound is one lane south of Laurel Village. There are still a lot of power outages. 1.28” rain here. It’s a beautiful day weathewise.
  11. Power is back on. No damage here. News is not good. Sussex County First Alert (Facebook) says that there is a lot of damage in this area and advises us to stay home. A number of roads are closed including RT 13 and Alt. 13. Schools are on a 2 hour delay. That is all I have from here. Am not going out to add to the confusion.
  12. That was really scary. The lightening and wind were really bad. I wish we had better news coverage here. Del Elec Coop outage map shows lots of power outages mostly in the western parts of Kent and Sussex counties. Our power is still out and will likely remain that way for awhile. I hope no one was hurt.
  13. That is extremely close to me now. Power is out. Heavy thunderstorm with continuous lightening.