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  1. We did not get "crushed" last night although it did look like it. What we got was a nice Thunderstorm and a little over an inch of badly needed rain. One of the best parts was the rolling thunder that came towards the end. It went on and on. It is hard to guage but it was well over 30 seconds and seemed more like a full minute. Lovely high summer sound and light show. There was no wind or hail and with the heat forecast the moisture will be short lived before it cooks away.
  2. I love my Smoky Mountain. I'll do 4 large chickens or 2 Pork butts or a couple of racks of ribs at a time. The extra goes into the freezer for bad weather days. This year I was able to smoke on a beautiful day in February. It was in the 60s. So if it isn't going to snow it's time to fire up the smoker during the torch days of winter.
  3. I am grateful that we have the fine NWS that we do. The mets are extremely good at what they do. If you read their posts on here you soon realize that. They must work with the models that they have. Therein lies the limitations. We are dealing with a Planetary system. The models are handicaped because they have limited data from that planetary system. Why is that? It is because most countries do not have a NWS of the caliber that we do collecting the necessary data and sharing it so abundantley. So use your head and do not beat on the finest weather asset and the dedicated people that make up the NWS. Be thankful that you are not the people who make up a large portion of humanity, that are looking up at the sky today and wondering what the weather will be because they don't have an asset like that to consult.
  4. 42 degrees with strong sunshine breaking through. Sure looks to be clearing here.
  5. I remember reading your posts. Enjoyed seeing you and your lady on the OC boardwalk cam. Fun times!
  6. We needed this rain badly and I am thankful that we got it. When I saw the radar yesterday evening showing a warm river of rain being pulled directly out of the gulf I knew that a lot of people were going to be disappointed with their "snowstorm." Onto Spring.
  7. 37/22 here. At dusk a large flock of gulls was racing from the northeast to the southwest, escaping the gale. I hope Mother Nature has a plan in their heads. Got to be a tough time for lots of critters.
  8. I agree. None of the models are showing much if anything for my area. I hope we get a fair amount of moisture. We need some badly. I am ready for Spring.
  9. Yes, when I read that I almost posted it here. I have never seen them write something like that before. I don't think they are referring to my area unfortunately.
  10. I love rainbows. That one is shining for you. Make a wish!
  11. A few more pics for the snow hungry.
  12. We have about 3 dog trampled inches in my backyard. It is really beautiful out. Deep winter wonderland this morning. Roads are pretty clear though. It looks to be done snowing.
  13. After shoveling the ten inches we got last week, I bought a snowblower. That probably hexed the rest of the winter for me anyway.
  14. Awe...but look at the memories you took home. That snow will be mostly gone by Wednesday as we warm up again.
  15. Thank You. I got them and it looks great!