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  1. SlowerLowerDE

    Mid Atlantic Snow Totals Winter 2018-19

    Jan 12-13. 5" Feb 1. 2.5"
  2. SlowerLowerDE

    2018 precipitation totals

  3. SlowerLowerDE

    Mid Atlantic Snow Totals Winter 2018-19

    12-9 1.25
  4. SlowerLowerDE

    Southern MD / Lower Eastern Shore weather discussion

    We have over an inch of snow here near Laurel. Now it is sleeting. This thing may over perform what the forecast is.
  5. I hate posters like that. They seem to be gloating on the misfortune of others. You can't stand and ride this out. Evacuating is the only way to go if this continues the current path. If so the training in Roanoke will probably be canceled or they won't expect you to be there under the circumstance. Don't wait until I 95 or other routes become parking lots. Keep in touch with your loved ones and I will pray for you.
  6. SlowerLowerDE

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    The leading eye wall is right on top of my house in this picture. So you can bet it's NOT happening.
  7. SlowerLowerDE

    June Discobs Thread

    Reported 4.15" of rain to CoCoRaHS this morning. We are under a flash flood watch for this evening and overnight. Hope it goes somewhere else.
  8. SlowerLowerDE

    June Discobs Thread

    We are getting crushed here. Rains started about 12:30. For over two hours it has been torrential. We also had a period of high winds a few minuets ago. NWS warned them to be up to 50 mph. They seemed to be every bit of that. Half inch hail was reported but I have not seen any of that. Lots of lightening continues. My yard lake has returned. In fact the whole backyard is a lake right now. Prime breeding ground for even more mosquitoes.
  9. SlowerLowerDE

    March 1-2 wind event

    If you look at the GOES satellite it looks like there is an open "eye" to the storm. It is well off the coast of NJ. Wow.
  10. SlowerLowerDE

    Cold and Snow Lovers Only

    Aleet! Aleet! The weenies did cry As promising first flakes Tumbled from the dark sky All night and all day The flurries did flutter Not leaving as much as a weak cutter. The hard, frozen ground Remained it's drab winter brown Soft weenie sobs the only sound. As the storm went away It left a stiff breeze That rapidly plunged all Into a deep freeze. I wish I was in Florida "A traitor" you say. But at least I could be fishin In Key West today.
  11. SlowerLowerDE

    Public Service Announcement - Please Read

    The selfish cry babies and locker room talk does drag the board down in quality. Quite a few talented and well known mets post here. I love to read the insight they share with us. What I fear is that some of them will quit posting as much, if at all. Professionally they may feel that they don't want to be involved with some of the stuff that is posted. I can't blame them but I would hate to see them go......
  12. SlowerLowerDE

    Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    The inverted trough is paying off. Now I have tiny flakes too. I'll send them west.
  13. SlowerLowerDE

    January Discobs Thread

    The beach areas get all the attention and all the money. Everyplace else can wait or just do without.
  14. SlowerLowerDE

    January Discobs Thread

    Low of 0 one hour ago. Already up to 4. The sun is strong this morning. Still no mail deliveries here since the storm. No UPS service either. Hope to see things back to normal tomorrow. We finally got our road plowed yesterday. I am ready for the torch.
  15. SlowerLowerDE

    Southern MD / Lower Eastern Shore weather discussion

    I reported 9 inches to CoCoRaHS. I think we got more than that but it was impossible to measure so I was conservative. This storm had more impact than last years simply because the winds were so strong. Much more drifting with this event. Also the temps are much colder. Sussex county is still shut down today.