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  1. 31 and heavy/steady snow. Actually shows up on my cam:
  2. Car temp said 33F. Steady snow. Cars and grass covered. Starting to stick to sidewalks and roads. Live cam here:
  3. Snowing in Reston VA. 33F. For anyone interested, I'm streaming my view for this storm:
  4. Good mix of snow coming back here in Reston VA.
  5. Flizzard status here in Reston VA. Down to 32F where I'm at.
  6. Just started coming down in Reston, light and flurry-like so far. 33 degrees.
  7. Been up since ~5am, hoping to wake up to something. So far I haven't seen a single flake fall from the sky.
  8. It has been snowing moderate to heavy all day long here in downtown Frederick MD. Must be at least 24" now and still no signs of letting up. There's also some wind. No thundersnow, tho.
  9. Steady moderate snow here in downtown Frederick. I haven't measured, but if I had to guess there's at least 20" on the ground.
  10. Moderate flurries in downton Frederick. Sitckage on roads is visible.
  11. Still none in downtown Frederick, but you can feel it in the air!
  12. I'm downtown on 3rd Street. Still haven't seen a single flake. I know it's coming tho.
  13. I moved to Miami over the summer ( ) but all my family is still in the DC/Baltimore area. I had plane tickets to come home next Tuesday but yesterday I changed them to come home this Thursday. I did this specifically because (1) this storm and (2) the confidence everyone in here has about it! Don't let me down!
  14. Snowing here. Nice pace, too. ~18 degrees so everything is sticking.
  15. Fiizzard here in Frederick. Just started a few minutes ago!
  16. Light white coating on everything. Moderate flurries!
  17. Finally, flurries in downtown Frederick!
  18. Where in Frederick? I'm near Market St and not a flake.
  19. Getting impatient/worried here in downtown Frederick. Holding steady at 17, still haven't seen a flake.
  20. Moderate snow at 27F. Probably about 2-3 inches in the ground from last night/today. Grass, sidewalks and roads covered!