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Hello new board


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One important thing I will probably need to send a blast email about is your login name is now your display name.  No longer two separate names. You can also login with your registered email address.  I'm still in the process of getting some other things back online but we're up!

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2 minutes ago, chances14 said:

is there anyway to change the background so that it's not transparent? i find the background picture to be exteremly distracting when trying to scroll and read through posts


Bottom of the page.  Click on Theme and choose the other one.

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11 minutes ago, Wow said:



i just reproduced what it looks like here.  quote me, then try to delete my quote.  you can't.  not only that, back out and go elsewhere, come back, and try to respond--that dead quote will still be there. even clearing my cache did nothing.  i finally had to post the busted message and delete it immediately.

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2 minutes ago, mappy said:

Will the board eventually work on taptalk again? Looks great when in safari! 

Yes, I'll get that plug-in back on.  I have to get a new one.  The new board is fully responsive, meaning it'll adapt to any screen size.  It's much better than the previous mobile version.

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6 minutes ago, bobbutts said:

you're probably already aware but intermittently really slow first response



Yes - There are a lot of background processes running at the moment so it should be faster after that's completed.  Still, it's a large database and this is always an issue for large forums.

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