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  1. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Here be my map: Having a hard time going much higher considering the wet bulb freezing line is up around Frederick and the MD/PA border at this time.
  2. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    It USED to be somewhat of a significant issue. Not so much these days given all of the new satellite data that helps cover some of the previous gaps. We certainly could use more obs (as if we ever don't need more), but the overall percentage drop of obs when going from land to sea has been reduced greatly by adding so many satellites, even in just the past 5 years.
  3. Drought

    Easy come, easy go.
  4. JAN 4th Coastal

    Is map.
  5. January Banter String

    Rocket Leaaaaaaaaaaaaaague
  6. JAN 4th Coastal

    I would agree that GFS needs a bit more credit on any given day. That said, it was very poor at the surface compared to the Euro throughout December with the active pattern.
  7. January Banter String

    I have never seen a 1/2" snowfall persist for this long around here. Decent-sized lake near my house has been completely frozen over since Friday.
  8. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    That's also the 1km simulated reflectivity, which does include virga. Actual accumulation is a bit after that.
  9. December Banter String

    My track record last year was not the best Overdid most events. Feeling a bit better about this one, with a base coat of sorts getting put down before sunrise. Still on the lower end of the confidence scale, though.
  10. December 8/9th Storm - STORM MODE THREAD

  11. November Discobs Thread

  12. November Banter Thread

    Got me a townhouse in Germantown, so I'm back up in the great white north that is upper MoCo. Let the snow begin.
  13. 2017 Severe Thread

    I don't think we'll get storms to pop south of 40N in that time frame. I did however notice the same thing further north into eastern PA. Even southeastern PA could have initiation problems, though.
  14. End of July Super Soaker

    Went ahead and grabbed some daily rainfall totals before my map resets at midnight.
  15. End of July Super Soaker

    The closing days of a month typically remembered more for its dryness is doing something a bit different this year. Current modeling favors the northern areas as we close in on the start of the event. Good luck, and may the rainfall be ever in your favor.