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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Not 0, just less than 1
  3. Southern MoCo bulls-eye calling it now gonna get that 1-3" babaaaayyyy.
  4. Exactly. Different variables mean different things to people, would get weighed differently, and would be included/not included based on who is giving the suggestions. The result could mean a high score for a place like Denver and a very low score for a place like Los Angeles, or vice versa. Hence my questioning of using a weather board biased toward cold and snow to make a standardized index. Now, if you wanted to make several standardized indexes for different groups of interests (ie loves cold+snow, or wants lots of sun+warmth), that could be more interesting. If this is just a thought experiment for making one standardized formula, then it's fine. I can dig it being a "fun problem to think about." The "Help/Suggest" in the topic and the general tone of the original post implies that you might try to implement this in some form or another.
  5. This is too subjective of a question to answer. If you want a "general idea" of the ideal climate, conduct a survey of the "general" people. Asking such questions on a weather-centric board, which is biased towards cold and snow due to the nature of the board and its 10+ years of existence, is not the best approach to making a coherent solution to the topic at hand. Or just move everyone in the world to southern California and be done with it.
  6. I would upvote this if I could.
  7. Coming into my overnight shift I thought I was gonna bust 1" too low everywhere around D.C., but now my forecast is looking alright
  8. I made a map here you go Obviously more of a risk for it to shift N+W compared to shifting S+E
  9. What's this about "catching on" to the "correct" solution for a storm that is FIVE days out? We don't know if the more suppressed solution is the correct one yet. I'm not arguing one way or the other as to what will happen, but don't go claiming such nonsense that a recent trend is going to be the true verification.
  10. Snow coated the grass/mulch around Rockville, temporarily got on a few cool spots on the pavement, but for the most there really wasn't accumulation on the pavement.
  11. Hard to tell, but it looks like a sleet and freezing rain mix in Germantown as of 4am.
  12. The models are wrong. We will dryslot the whole event.
  13. I mean, yeah it's a south wind, but it's got a lot of cold air to the south it has to pull up first before we get into the warmer stuff, so it's gonna take awhile for a south wind to actually mean much of anything. Dew points are still 0-15 degrees in NC! Once we DO get all that cold air out of the way, though, that south wind is going to make quick work out of the changeover.