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  1. I don't think we'll get storms to pop south of 40N in that time frame. I did however notice the same thing further north into eastern PA. Even southeastern PA could have initiation problems, though.
  2. Went ahead and grabbed some daily rainfall totals before my map resets at midnight.
  3. The closing days of a month typically remembered more for its dryness is doing something a bit different this year. Current modeling favors the northern areas as we close in on the start of the event. Good luck, and may the rainfall be ever in your favor.
  4. I'm gonna have to skip :/ Fiancee had to go out of town unexpectedly for a funeral, so I'm home alone taking care of my dog that is not a fan of thunderstorms. I do not want to imagine what my dog would do if stuck in a crate alone with boomers going on.
  5. Saturday and Sunday (and maybe Monday if it's slow enough?) have some severe potential, but there's a lot of caveats and uncertainties about each day. I'm obviously most interested in Saturday because it probably has the best chance to get something to spin, but all days do carry some level of damaging wind potential. Biggest ? for each day is the storm coverage, but other underlying issues exist as well that vary by day.
  6. I'll plan on arriving around 3:00-3:30
  7. ^^
  8. Heavy shower with no lightning popped out a waterspout on the east side of the Chesapeake... radar from TBWI looks like a small circulation got onshore:
  9. Friday looks alright. Decent setup for isolated wind damage. Probably not that organized. Need as much sun as possible to bump up the MLCAPE.
  10. I'll bring some cash money for the BBQ budget.
  11. There's several WeatherBug stations in and very close to Arlington... they're generally in the 0.75-0.90" range for the past two days (since midnight on the 5th, so ~32 hours). If you include the rain on the 4th, totals are in the 1.0-1.5" range.
  12. I'll try to show up. Working 4am-1pm on the 22nd
  13. Had a few good CGs near me, but was pretty meh overall IMBY. Missed out on the winds just to my south. Enjoying the cooler temps now
  14. 6am SBCAPE
  15. Haaaaaaahahaha y'all crack me up. Timing hasn't changed. Instability hasn't changed. Dynamics haven't changed. SPC's Enhanced is probably good for tomorrow. Sit back and enjoy