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  1. Problem is there isn't a lot of chasers within this forum in general, and add to that the fact that most are using equipment that are 2-3+ times higher in price range, and that's why there has been no response. I myself have not researched that part of the market to make good suggestions. You may want to try searching for/making a thread on https://stormtrack.org/community/ to get better insight. There's a much wider breadth of experience with cameras/camcorders in the $300-400 budget within that forum.
  2. I'll probably show up since it's my weekend.
  3. I just went through and did a thorough local forecast... a bit better confidence in today's storm potential, mainly between 10am-2pm. The lack of overnight precip is helping, and it does look a tad slower compared to what I was looking at 24 hours ago. Here's hoping some of us get something decent today.
  4. Myself, Ian, and James (wxmeddler) will be out chasing this year. Planning on being on the road May 20-June 4, which gives us the possible chase days of May 21-June 3.
  5. While the SPC forecast is plausible, I think areas north of Fredericksburg are showing more of a "best case" scenario in getting severe due to the uncertainty in the forecast. There's a few different ways for all of this to play out over the course of Thursday. I would drop areas north of Fredericksburg down a category and save the potential for a higher-end forecast update for Day 1.
  6. For anyone who uses the http://justin.wiscwx.com/ model animator, there was a recent change in which the NAM 6-hour panels only show the 3-hour QPF, and the GFS only shows the 1-hour QPF. I know the person who runs that site is/was a member here, so I wanted to bring this issue up to see if it's an error that needs fixing, or if this was an intentional change. Also brought it up in case anyone using it didn't catch this change.
  7. Have car, will travel (so long as I'm around and not working).
  8. Here we go. Verifying model forecasts and saying one was better than the other before the first precipitation falls.
  9. Le final:
  10. I'm banking on marginal surface temps to keep Philly's totals down a bit, but we'll see what everything is showing in 24 hours.
  11. Here be my map.
  12. What is the E/E rule?
  13. BTW 1:1 vodka and cherry coke is my drink of the day.
  14. Mon-Tue storm thread either needs to be a co-start by Bob and PSU, or started Mid-Atlantic Rookie Of The Year supernovasky.