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  1. FYI. would need to take about 3-5 inches off that for SW and NW michigan as it includes some lake effect snow before the storms in question. still an impressive though
  2. briefing from the nws in jackonsville. very rare to see language like this http://www.weather.gov/media/jax/briefings/nws-jax-briefing.pdf
  3. a webcam has been set up there http://ustre.am/1rAmF
  4. here's a tweet from the guy who set up the camera
  5. it still hanging on for dear life
  6. that was amazing to watch lol
  7. another large piece of pier showing up on the cedar key cam
  8. somewhere within the red circle
  9. this is the best weather cam ever. don't know what's going to show up next
  10. the pier won. surprised the railing is still standing
  11. pier vs railing. who's going to win? lol
  12. the UP is the most underrated scenic area in the country imo.
  13. I wonder what the water temperatures of the great lakes were during this time?
  14. Marquette only at 76 degrees. brrr