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  1. my mom got her second dose a few days ago. so far no side effects at all through the first and second shot other than a sore arm
  2. I mean there's a difference between fat shaming and encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't have to be one or the other
  3. woke up this morning to a surprise 2" otg and on/off snow showers all day. Nice little Christmas present
  4. cases continue to drop substantially here in Michigan. I'm really curious about when we could actually start seeing the effect of natural herd immunity starting to affect case numbers in certain areas that were hit hard previously. obviously the amount of actual infections among the general population are far more than what has been reported, especially in the early stages when testing was woefully insufficient
  5. hospitalizations in Michigan continue to drop. down another 128 today
  6. not sure. I'm just speaking about the data specifically to michigan. A large portion of the outbreaks have been tied back to schools
  7. climate has some factor in it. Midwest typically experiences worse flu seasons than other warmer places. At least here in michigan the % of active covid cases in hospitals compared to total hospitalizations has continued to decline even though the total number of current covid hospitalizations has increased I also agree that most of the spread has been from work and private gatherings. would also add schools into that as well. shutting down restaurants, gyms, salons, etc isn't going to make much of a difference imo.
  8. Whitmer claims that bars and restaurants are an easy target for covid spread, yet the health departments own data doesn't support it. Hair salons were one of the last to open in the last shutdown claiming easy covid spread, yet they are allowed to be open this time around
  9. I have never objected to vaccines that I know work. So again, I am not anti vaxer but go ahead with your assumptions. I never said that the vaccine won't be effective. Just that I understand why people might be skeptical right now
  10. I am not an anti vaxer but I can't fault people for questioning the effectiveness of the current covid vaccines being touted. Most vaccines take years to develop and this one is going to be done in less than a year. Whichever companies can get their vaccines to the masses first is gonna cash in big time so there is definitely reason for these companies to fudge their numbers. Whether that is actually happening right now I don't know but it's something to consider
  11. no matter what your political leanings are I think can we all agree that no single person should have unlimited unilateral power to issue orders that are considered law without any input whatsoever from state legislature. that is how dictators are created
  12. in other news, michigan supreme court just ruled all of whitmer's executive orders issued after April 30 as being unconstitutional
  13. Americans aren't obese because of crappy school lunches. It's all about lifestyles choices. You want to help your kids avoid being obese and develop good habits, make them go outside, get some exercise and don't let them plop in front of the tv and their smartphones for hours on end. Actually take the time to make home cooked meals instead of eating out every day.
  14. a perfect example of the raw case numbers being misleading. Every headline i read today only talked about 1K cases and nothing about the actual number of tests and positivity rate. Another thing to note is michigan is now including "probable" cases in their hospitalization data so on the surface the numbers are gonna appear to spike.
  15. never underestimate what the allure of money and power will do to somebody.