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  1. chances14

    The March Lion Storm

    that ne wind is destroying the storm up here in the 69 corridor
  2. i've had on and off issues for a couple months. I believe they underwent some back end server changes a while back.
  3. chances14

    Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    about the best free euro maps you're gonna get are at ryan maue's site https://weather.us/model-charts/euro
  4. chances14

    Weatherbo, check in you dork.

    I would check with the other big satellite internet provider viasat exede
  5. anyone up for some football
  6. chances14

    Harvey - Main Thread

    just incredible. can put to bed the notion that the picture from this area posted earlier was photoshopped
  7. chances14

    Harvey - Main Thread

  8. chances14

    Harvey - Main Thread

    These were the other guys with jeff last night at the car wash
  9. chances14

    Harvey - Main Thread

  10. chances14

    Harvey - Main Thread

    he's using verizon on his ipad. would assume his phone is as well