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2023-2024 Fall/Winter Mountain Thread

The Alchemist

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1 minute ago, westmc9th said:

GFS gonna keep the gravy train rolling for ETN and the high elevations this weekend. I feel bad for Asheville and those east of the Apps. It's painful at this point. 

We'll get ours before the winter is done. There is time.

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Just checked my board again. 1.5" last hour and I have by far the heaviest rates of the day now.2ddd6ce031b0c7c682424ba34a24fadc.jpg

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14 minutes ago, Sw NC weather said:

Looks like yall northern mountain people will be getting smoked over the next hour or so. Temp is down to 33 here hoping the batch from Chattanooga will stay far enough south for me to get a inch or two at the house.

Yes they are! The web cams up that way are fire!

the one at Less Mcrae is so cool. 

Congrats folks!!


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