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  1. Largest flakes in Graham County in several years..closin in on 1"
  2. Same for your friends across the hill in Robbinsville, NC
  3. Pretty good bust as far as the models go in the SW mountains..I drove through Cherokee , Clay, Graham, and Swain Counties..saw maybe a 1/8" above 3000 to give credit to GSP for keeping this toned down pretty well..back edge has made it to Chattanooga..winding down soon
  4. I would be tickled to death with half that..radar really winding down just west of Knoxville though
  5. 2500' in Graham County and not a flake..poured the rain since 7 this morning 37 degrees currently NOT looking good
  6. GSP not impressed at all..The only warnings in the south are in East
  7. Forecast discussion doesn't mention a Watch?
  8. Has the winter been trash? Or has the models been trash? Nothing but broken dreams. With all of today's technology it's ridiculous how models perform outside of 3 days 99% of the time. You could take a 7 year old kid and he would have just as good of a chance of predicting the weather outside of 5 days...Trash models and trash winter. I live in the middle of the Smoky Mountains at 3000' and have had 2.8 inches of snow so far..Pure trash
  9. You can basically see the precipitation fizzling out on the old intellicast radar as it enters Tennessee
  10. Omg.. ridiculous thread
  11. Just spoke with NCDOT..18-20" on Cherohala Skyway with 30" drifts
  12. Report of 14" on Skyway do I upload pics from phone?
  13. I measured 13" on Cherohala Skyway out of the wind at 5300'..I have pics of DOT working up there, just having trouble loading them on here