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  1. Is it possible the mountains get in on the action not due to CAD but strictly the western extent the mountains basically reach into Tennessee? The further west one goes,the more artic air is encountered in this setup. Did I just confuse everyone?
  2. Not happening in Graham County fellows..bright sunshine..56°
  3. Winter Storm Watches in the Gulf of Mexico..Rain in the Smokies...hopefully this pattern never verifies again in our lifetimes.
  4. Not in my lifetime have I saw a pattern like this and the Smokies get nothing. Once in a lifetime pattern..If the pattern shifted west a bit, the Smokies would be measuring in feet..Many feet
  5. Can u imagine what we would be getting if the pattern shifted only a couple hundred miles west..we would be measuring in feet, in ALL the mountains
  6. System turned into a ragged mess over Graham County..lots of dry air getting wrapped in .stopped snowing for the last hour
  7. GSP not impressed at all with the weekend
  8. Wow at the GFS..welcome SE ridge..everyone gets the cold but us
  9. Skyway entrance is several miles from my home..The Cherohala Skyway is NC 143W that runs from Robbinsville NC to Tellico TN..It is a state maintained road. The NCDOT does not close roads due to weather. The weather may close the roads due to floods,landslides,etc but state government will not. It's totally different than National Park roads which close due to weather. Those roads are not for commerce traffic. State roads are.
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