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  1. Just got a report from NCDOT of 2" of snow on Cherohala Skyway in Graham County at 5000' ..Radar returns are verifying
  2. How much snow on Skyway? I'm in Graham County?
  3. Looking better..NAM even showing a 12" lollipop on Graham County now.
  4. 12Z Nam looks much better for sw NC
  5. From Historic to this? There was more snow on the ground a couple nights ago in some areas than
  6. Would you mind zooming this out some to show all on NC,E Tennessee,N Georgia?
  7. Hard to believe that ever since this storm showed up on the models that Cherokee and Graham Counties has been shown to get nothing.
  8. You don't wanna know..the most miserable man alive... truly a man without a country
  9. Man if that batch of snow entering west Tennessee could hold together we will be in business.. thoughts?
  10. Congrats Met.. love it..Nwfs didn't pan out in Graham County. Ground is bare and roads are dry
  11. At least 2-3' in the higher mountains of the border counties..
  12. That is an old time classic look.. heavy snow for the mountains and ziltch for everyone else.. that is how winter normally looks around here.. funny how everyone is talking about the awesome winter NC is having but in all reality,the ones that normally get all the snow has gotten the least amount this's been pretty pitiful along the TN border so far compared to normals. NWFS has sucked.
  13. I think this could benefit me and you both Tellico. Snow appears to be moving back into Chattanooga. Check the Peachtree City radar out.
  14. The Peachtree City radar shows a sudden and massive explosion of precipitation back building towards Huntsville AL ,then heading northeast. Could this be our snow?
  15. Where is this 3-4" of snow gonna come from that the latest models are showing
  16. 35 in town and 24 at the Tennessee line with 2" of snow
  17. The warm up today ahead of the front was real.. moderate rain for 2 hours in Graham County so far..alot of precipitation waisted