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  1. What's strange is models are showing virtually no upslope..that is unreal with such cold air coming across the mountains..what's the deal Met?
  2. Yes it's happening alot with me also
  3. Very strange temps this morning after cold front..37° at my place.....18 miles west in Andrews it is 19°
  4. I just don't see it happening west of Asheville, maybe some NW flow for the border counties tomorrow
  5. Get an app called Photo Compress if you are posting from your phone
  6. The north east orientation of the heavy bands coming from Georgia appear to be headed east of all TN border counties
  7. Ok cool..maybe its the radar site Im using..Just appears there is basically ziltch in North Georgia North of I85
  8. Downstream Radar returns are beginning to look like they are going through a shredder,appears lots of dry air is being pulled in.
  9. Seems like this stream of backside moisture is beginning to look pretty ragged? Trend? Thoughts?
  10. SNOJOE..try the app Photo's great..then you can post your pics
  11. GSP finally puts all Southwestern Mountain Counties under a warning
  12. 3" in Graham County already.. still under only an advisory
  13. Nearing 2" in Graham County already.. Still under only an advisory
  14. Warning..please don't look at the kuchera totals.. crippling
  15. GSP is in big trouble..what are they gonna do ? What if this verifies.. nobody has even mentioned snow where I live here in Graham County
  16. Wow at the GFS for the mountains..looks like some 12" lollipops
  17. What about Cherokee, Clay and Graham..?They seem to be left out on all the previous model runs.. mostly 1 inch or less of snow..what's the ensemble mean showing now?
  18. GSP just issued Winter Weather Advisory for the mountains..1"-3" above 1500'
  19. WLOS and GSP is pretty much saying this is a non-event?? Strange..but seems to me GSP is usually pretty accurate with these type events