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  1. Seems like everything is always 10 days away.. Even 10 days ago we were talking about a storm for the New Year..Didn't happen. NWS is sure not impressed for anything this coming weekend as they have highs near 60 for Saturday and that's for a high elevation Tennessee border county here in NC.
  2. 6" in Graham County..Power outages and trees down
  3. WOW at the 18Z NAM Met!! I may have my GSP forecast of 3" by 8PM!
  4. I don't understand their snow maps with all models moving north..
  5. Heavy Diamond Dust in Graham County!! 8 degrees currently
  6. Your not gonna believe it folks but Graham County jackpots.. Northern part of county has 4 -6 inches..Southern areas 3 inches..I haven't made it up to the Cheroha Skyway (5300') but I'm hearing 8-10 inches with 18" drifts.
  7. 16 inches ...Cherohala Skyway in Graham county
  8. snow to the valley floor in Graham County 36 degrees
  9. The Cherohala does not close..NEVER..It is a state highway Should get well over a foot with elevations over 5500 ft